Little Baby

I know, I've been totally slacking off on the blogging front. So many ideas for blogs, and I usually choose sleep. Can you blame me? :) I have grand ideas about blogging more regularly from now on, but I know better than to promise anything. Anyway...

morning, we all piled into the car and headed to Sterling for Baby #3's sonogram (our insurance only covers one, so this was a big event!) We were anticipating quite a big adventure, because we were taking the boys with us to the appointment. It's about an hour's drive to Sterling (without traffic), and miraculously, we actually arrived a little early.

The boys actually behaved themselves quite well, and were pretty much mesmerized by the ultrasound technician and the images on the TV screen. They took turns sitting up on Kyler's shoulders so they could be closer to the TV (mounted up high in the corner of the room, so I had a great view, too). Cameron kept pointing at my belly, saying, "baba," and was quite amused with the gooey jelly on my tummy.

Okay, so I'll stop babbling now and get to the pics:

Baby #3 - 4D
We'd never seen a 4D ultrasound of our baby before, so it was really pretty cool. I'll admit, it does look like a lumpy bunch of clay. And because it's only 21 weeks, Baby's skin is still pretty loose and weird looking. But, it's still our baby and completely miraculous. :)

Precious baby feet!

I know this one is hard to make out, but it's a shot of Baby's head and one forearm. The tech said Baby was "waving" to us, and even printed two identical shots and personalized them for Kayden and Cameron - such a nice thing to do!

Little baby was breech when this pic was taken, although I'm sure it did at least a dozen somersaults during the hour we were in the sonogram room!

And...the picture you've all been waiting for, the "gender" shot.

It's taken directly underneath our little baby (you see one bent leg, blurry pelvic bones, etc.) Of course, the tech and radiologist will never tell you they are 100% sure, but both of them told us they have a "Chances are: Poor, Fair, or Good" baby will be a boy/girl.

And both also said this baby falls at the top of their "good" range that Kayden and Cameron will be welcoming a new little...


Yep, those are some pretty decisive boy parts.
This Mommy is going to be seriously outnumbered - and I coudn't be more thrilled! :)

And my favorite: the profile shot. What a beautiful, perfect little miracle growing in my belly!

And the answer is no, we haven't named him yet. In fact, we both let out a little sigh when we saw the little boy parts. (We've gotten pretty good at telling, one reason why we may as well find out during the sonogram, chances are we'd see it anyway!) Anyway, we didn't sigh because we were disappointed, we sighed because we both knew we have absolutely no idea what we are going to name the little man. We had a girl's name picked out, but haven't even narrowed the field for a boy.

So, until we decide otherwise, we're calling the baby "Yogi". Get it? Yogi Barr?


I know, we're hilarious. His nickname is "Boo Boo" as in, "Heeeeey, BooBoo!" Ridiculous, but it keeps us amused until we can arrive at a decision. Suggestions are welcome. :)

Thanks for sharing in this journey with us! More to come....


Ashley M said...

Yeah for another little Barr boy! We're excited for you and praying for you!

Jen Prusha said...

I loved the nickname! I had to laugh :) Congrats to you both!

mscstephens said...

Congratulations!!! Your boys and my girls may someday balance the world. ;-)