Just As Amazing


As a matter of fact, 

Sydney was 

just as amazing 

in person 

as it looks in pictures. 

All throughout the weekend, 
as Kyler and I walked around Circular Quay, 
I must have said a hundred times, 

"I can't believe I'm actually here."

And I meant it.

Striking by day, but just stunning by night. 

If we owned a tripod, we'd be able to give you a 
better picture (literally and figuratively) of what I mean.  

But still

Up next, Sunday in Sydney! 
We went to Hillsong. I can't wait to tell you all about it! 


Baby Mine

Where oh where did the time go? Our sweet baby boy is already one year old! And what a year it has been. A year full of incredible challenges and countless joys. For a fact, it has been a crazy tough year, but I wouldn't trade it. Maybe omit a thing or two....nah.

Callan loves music, and that warms this Momma's heart. His favorite lullaby is a chorus I've sung to all the boys, "Baby Mine" from the movie "Dumbo." I really wanted to write all kinds of things about my gorgeous birthday boy, but honestly, I'm tired. So a year in pictures will have to suffice. Enjoy!

Callan's Birthday

And of course, we were...ahem...pros at having three kids. 

Happy Birthday, precious one. Mommy and Daddy love you so, so much!