In The Morning...

In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you
and wait in expectation.
Psalm 5:3


In the morning, Kyler and I will travel to the hospital, and my labor with our third son will be induced. We were in the professional building across the street this afternoon, discussing this new plan with my obstetrician.

There were many reasons driving our decision, some of them more complicated than I need to explain here. Just a few include:

- I am now nearly a week overdue, I birth large babies, and he's not getting any smaller.

- Continuing the pregnancy would require our traveling back and forth to the hospital (an hour away) several times during the next week for additional tests to ensure my and the baby's health.

- I'm nearly 3cm dilated and completely effaced. Given my labor history, my doctor believes labor is imminent, and it's entirely possible spontaneous labor could happen tonight (which is exactly what we're praying for).

- My doctor is in complete support of my desire for as natural a delivery as possible, and feels he can orchestrate events surrounding the induction to make it so. Other than the Pitocin itself, he was very reassuring that the rest of my hopes for this labor (walking telemetry, not breaking my water until I've had an opportunity to labor awhile, etc.) could be accomodated without a problem. Kyler and I trust this doctor implicitly, and his final recommendation after talking with us and examining me was to go ahead with the induction.


So...we're having a baby tomorrow! Again, thank you so much for your continued support, prayers, and encouragement. Please continue to pray for me, and the health and safety of our precious baby boy. Specifically...

- I am fighting terrible allergies and a cold/sinus infection. Breathing through my nose is pretty much a no-go right now, and as it stands could really complicate labor breathing.

- That I would be able to rely entirely upon my Savior to carry me through the pains of labor and delivery, and that I can lean on him instead of letting fear of pain or uncertainty consume me.

- Neither Callan or I would suffer any kind of complication.

- That Kyler will know exactly how and when to support me, and that he takes care of himself, too! (During my labor with Kayden, he didn't eat or drink for nearly 12 hours. Bad news...)

- That this labor and delivery would glorify God.


We can't wait to share the story of how God works through this labor and delivery after Callan arrives!



o⋅ver⋅due – adjective


past due: as a delayed train or a bill not paid by the assigned date.

: two overdue library books.

too long awaited; needed or expected for some time: Improvements in our highway system are long overdue

more than sufficiently advanced, mature, or ready: That country is overdue for industrial development.

tardy, belated, held up, hung up, delinquent



Although I wouldn't compare the way I feel to a delayed train, library books, highway improvements, or a country in need of industrial development, (and I am quite hesitant to label my unborn child as "delinquent" before he's even born...) the fact of the matter is that I am now three days overdue.

Actually, this is a first for me. Three pregnancies, first time I've made it to (and now, past) my due date. Kayden was induced the day before he was due. Cameron came on his own ten days early. So being overdue is a whole new experience. But seeing as how this baby has defied just about any and every expectation we've had thus far, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Of course, not being surprised doesn't make it any more comfortable. Or uncomfortable. In fact, I have to say that after I passed my last "date of expectation" for going into labor**, I've been rather at peace about the whole thing.


**Aside: What is a "date of expectation," you ask? Well, that's easy. It's simply a date (or in my case, one of several dates over the past few weeks) by which I expected to go into labor/have the baby. Seeing as how Cam was early (and even though I knew I shouldn't have put any stock in this fact, a girl can dream, can't she? And I did...) these dates started, honestly, at the end of July***.

***Aside to the aside: I know, I'm terrible. We always want babies to "cook" those full 40 weeks, I know! I guess the "uncomfortable" and "I have big babies that are more than ready to come out" factors gave me false hope that all would be well at 4 weeks early. Dumb, I know....


And so, we wait. And trust in God's perfect plan and timing for that plan. I mean, I guess there really isn't much more we can do.

Except maybe practice keeping a quiet heart and laugh at opportunities that help us to do so. For example...

We had a bit of drama in the house yesterday. Actually, most of the drama was over the phone. While I was taking a nap
, I got a call from my OB's office on my cell phone. They left a message, and then called Kyler's phone, which he answered. (I tell you this, because the message they left on my phone is pretty funny, considering...) The nurse proceeded to tell him that they had moved my induction date up. It was now scheduled for Monday, and I needed to be at the birthing center at 7am.


Bless his heart, he did everything I could have asked of him. He told her he was pretty sure that I wouldn't be comfortable with that scheduling, and asked for the name of someone we could call to discuss it further if there were problems. She basically told him, "Ummm, our office is closed and you won't be able to call back." and left the on-call doctor's answering service number.

Yeah. It was Friday, their office was closed, and they called to tell me I was having a baby on Monday, like it or not.

Rewinding a bit, a quick synopsis of the message they left on my phone: "Hi Heather, this is ******* with your OB's office. I just wanted to let you know that we've moved your induction date up to Monday, so you'll need to be at the birthing center at 7am ready to go. We'll go ahead and cancel the doctor's appointment you have scheduled for that day. If you have any questions, you can call the birthing center this weekend. Have a great day!"

My wonderful husband came right over, woke me from my nap, and relayed this whole series of events. And...after I picked my jaw up off of the floor and mustered every ounce of emotional control I could possibly manage, we prayed and talked over just exactly how we were going to discuss this with the doc on call when I got in touch with her.

We ultimately decided to go the "Actually, my son Cameron's birthday is on Monday, and we'd rather not schedule an induction for the same day..." route, instead of the "Are you FREAKIN' crazy?!?! I'm not even 41 weeks and we haven't actually discussed this further with a doctor to see if it's even necessary!" route.

Remember the post about my birth plan? My goal is an intervention-free, natural delivery.

I'm quite sure this entire scenario was orchestrated by God to change my perspective on the particular doctor on call this weekend. She was more than accomodating when we got in touch with her; in fact, she was apologetic. She said there must have been a mix up, because they wouldn't have intentionally scheduled an induction for another of my kids' birth dates, (and actually the reason they changed it in the first place was the date we had originally set much later in the week was no longer available). Monday's induction was cancelled, my appointment for that day is still set, and we'll talk about possible induction then if I'm still pregnant.

So. Crisis averted. Patience practiced. Quiet heart kept.....comparatively quiet, considering.


And so I'm still waiting. Still trusting in God's timing. Still practicing patience. Still trying to keep a quiet heart. Especially now that I also have a cold, which makes those things just that much more difficult.

C'mon...I can fish for a little extra sympathy, right? :)


Thanks for checking in! Happy weekend! Who knows? Maybe today will be the day.....


NEW Guess-the-Birthdate Contest!

Okay, contest fans, let's try this AGAIN....


You get ANOTHER SHOT at guessing the birth date of our sweet babe! And if you didn't get a chance to join in the fun the first round, now is your chance!

I know. You can hardly contain your excitement. Woo Hoo!

Please cut me some slack. "Nesting" is getting kinda old, and this gives me something to do! (other than thinking about Baby and productive things, of course...)


Read the original contest post and comments here.


I'm officially due tomorrow, August 26th. Considering the size of the children I have (Cam was over 9lbs.) I was seriously convinced that this baby boy would make an early appearance as well. Clearly, in all things, including this, Baby has proven that he does not fall in line with our expectations!) And...I have really had an opportunity to practice what I wrote about here.

Yesterday, my doctor actually told me I have regressed away from labor. That's right. I've gone backwards. Last week, I was 2cm dilated. This week, I was only 1cm dilated. I didn't think that was even possible. Geez.


We've tried everything.



And...YES, there's STILL a prize for the winner! (And yes, I am STILL excited about that!)

Because yes, as a matter of fact, I STILL do think burp cloths, taggie blankets, and nursing covers are pretty darn exciting, thankyouverymuch. Pics of the prizes are below the rules...


Assuming I don't have the baby by 10pm tomorrow...(Clissy's is the only guess left from the first contest...)


These are slightly DIFFERENT, so READ them!

1. I am currently scheduled to be induced on the morning of Thursday, September 3rd, so make your guess for BEFORE 8am on that day.

(Aside: the doc I prefer is actually trying to move that date up to September 1st, but that won't be confirmed until later in the week. SO...if I'm induced on the 1st and that's your guess date, we'll go with your guess times. If you guess after the 1st, and want to change your guess to the 1st if my doc changes the induction date, I'll let you do that. Aren't I nice?!)

2. You may only enter once by commenting on THIS post.

3. Your entry should include both the anticipated birth date and time. (This way, if we have several who guess the same date, we have a legitimate way of choosing a winner. Brilliant, I know.)

4. You must submit your entry no later than Thursday, August 27th, at midnight. And if I have him before then, I WIN!! (Well, actually, I guess the closest guesser wins too.) And well, I guess you will have had to have entered before then...

5. Just for additional fun if you like (and who doesn't love more fun?!), you can also guess his birth weight and length. Maybe, just maybe, I'll throw in a prize for those winners, too. I'm generous like that.


Though they clearly won't help guide your guesses, the big boys' birth stories can be found here and here. Instructions on how to comment are at the very end of the post. Prize info is below. Yay! Happy Guessing!


And while you wait to hear, you can read about our sweet babe's name and pray for him!



Burp cloths...
(In other fabrics, too!)

Taggie blankets...
(in boy-friendly and girl-friendly colors/fabrics...)

As you can see, Cam loves his!

And nursing covers...
(I posted about it here.)

If you don't have a baby, aren't a (relatively) new mommy/daddy (or going to be), or grandmother, or aunt/uncle, or if you don't like babies... (WHAT?!?!)

whatever...if you don't know anyone who you might be able to give these sweet little items to (because who wouldn't love them?), and you don't want to keep them to snuggle with yourself...we'll just have to work something else fun and exciting out.

Like ice cream.
(Locals: Nutter's? How can you turn that down?!)

Or something.


How to Comment:
Commenting is so easy and simple. Right below this post (at the end of this paragraph) is a line that says "Posted by Heather @ 12:13pm" Next to that it says, "## comments" This is a link. Just click on the link, and a new page will come up with a commenting box. Enter your guess in the text box, and "choose an identity" (Name/URL is easiest if you don't have a Google/Open ID account.) If you choose Anonymous, make sure you let me know who you are after your guess! Then, click "Publish Your Comment"! Your comment won't come up right away. After I get your guess in my inbox, I'll publish it for everyone to see. So easy. Give it a try! :)


"Not Me!" Monday

Look out. I thought we'd get a little crazy and do both "Not Me!" and "Not My Child!" this week.

Hang on to your hats, kids.

Except, I'm now 40 weeks pregnant and ridiculously tired, so you're going to have to accept the
shortened and sweetened version.


This week, it wasn't me who...

...kept my loving mother held hostage by my two small, grumpy children in a giant baby store, forcing her to entertain them for over two hours while Kyler and I deliberated ad nauseum over two double jogging strollers, during the boys' nap time.

...took advantage of the fact that I am very pregnant and already visit the bathroom often to escape there even more frequently, just so I could have ten blessed minutes of peace and quiet.

...got overly irritated and hormonal when my husband was late picking me up to take me to another pre-natal appointment. I especially didn't think it was a supremely magnificent idea that I drive myself the hour to the doctor's office instead of waiting for him to arrive.

...let my mom get the boys up and breakfasted every day this past week, just for an extra 30 minutes of sleep. Oh wait. Yes I did. I may as well go ahead and own that one.

Additionally, it certainly wasn't me who...

...has gotten increasingly frustrated with so many well-meaning and sweet people who are continuously making suggestions for how to "get things moving" with this pregnancy. Nope. Not a shred of irritation on my part. This pregnant lady stays calm as a cucumber.

And finally, I left the OB's office this week thinking it couldn't possibly be me whose body is, in fact, regressing away from labor. That's right. I am 40 weeks pregnant and ready to welcome this baby at any moment now, so it couldn't have been me who heard my doctor say I was actually only 1cm dilated, when just one week prior, I was 2cm dilated. Ugh.


My oldest child has been successfully potty trained for about a month now. He isn't even having accidents at night or nap time. (Okay, maybe one a week. And I guess that doesn't really make him potty trained. Anyway.) So really, it must be someone else's child who has had no fewer than two accidents per day this week, leaving his, er....mark on nearly every bath mat, carpet runner, and tiled (okay, linoleum-ed) area in the house. Ugh again.

And it certainly wasn't this same child who, in the middle of a restaurant bathroom, exuberantly proclaimed to the world, "Mooooommmyyyyyy, now I need to wash my haaaaaannnndds! Because I touched my peeeeeenis! And it had peeeeeee-peeeeee on it!!!" And judging by the smirks we received upon exiting the restroom, I'm quite sure not a soul heard this announcement.


I'd love to hear about all of the things you didn't do this week! Scroll down and click on the comment link to leave a note. "Not Me!" Monday is an incredibly fun, blogging carnival started by MckMama on her blog, my charming kids. Basically, it's where we all can be brutally honest about the ridiculous things that will inevitably happen in everyday life.


Crafty Mama: Nursing Cover

Yay! I finally finished that nursing wrap I offered as a prize here. I thought I'd post a few pics, just in case you're the crafty type and/or have any interest at all in my crafting endeavors.

Please keep in mind I am a total novice at all of this sewing business. I'm mostly self-taught (my mother-in-law taught me the basic mechanics of and how to thread her machine, and turned me loose), and so far I have only attempted fairly simple projects. But, I'm also really proud of this one, so no judging my mediocre skill level please.

When I was pregnant with Cam, I decided I wanted something a little more user-friendly than a receiving blanket to nurse discreetly in public. My mom went for the splurge and bought me one of these. The name had me sold. Too funny! And after using it with Cam, I liked it so much I wanted a couple more, just for convenience's sake. So, I searched online and found a tutorial here to follow and make a few more of my own. The greatest part? The cover my mom bought me last year retails for $38. The materials for the one I made myself only cost me about $8, if that.

This one I intend to use mostly at church when I'm singing on the worship team. I wear a lot of black (guess that's a throwback to my Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra days...)

Hmmm....guess I should add that I don't plan on nursing on stage, just before, and during, (and in between, and after...) practices and services on Sunday morning. Just in case you were confused (and rightfully concerned) about that...

It has a piece of boning along the top so I can see Baby if I need to, and an adjustable neck strap for a great fit. And I love that I can use as much material as I want, so no amount of thrashing and yanking on the part of a hungry baby boy will put me in a....er....revealing position.

I also sewed a piece of soft flannel into the backside of one corner to use as a pocket and/or burp cloth if I need one.

I love being crafty and frugal. It's fun, inexpensive, and so rewarding to make my own stuff and also to give away homemade baby gifts to friends. If you happen to enjoy this sort of thing too and have any blogs, websites, crafts and/or tips, please share them with me!



I'm surprised I've made it so long without a post about a worship song that has spoken into my life recently. Well, maybe I'm not. There have been plenty of potential posts brewing, just no time to blog about them! Hmmm....I should rephrase again. Mostly, I just want to sleep, or sit, or tackle projects that have been lying around for days, months, and years. And with my Mom here to help with the boys before the baby comes, I can. So I do. It's been wonderful!

I sang on the worship team this past Sunday, for the last time before the baby comes. I guess I could sing again this week, but maybe it's best I stick to my original plan of avoiding something awkward like I dunno, my water breaking in the middle of "Lord, Reign In Me." Well, we don't really sing that song anymore, but you know what I mean.

I digress. I've been doing a lot of that lately.

As I've blogged before, it never ceases to amaze me how God uses music to speak into my life, and how He uses songs I've known for ages to speak new truths into my heart, depending on what road I happen to be walking at the time. In fact, the depths and angles that some songs have and the applications He allows me to realize are often surprising.

That isn't so much the case this week, but the song is powerful and transforming nonetheless:

I'm giving You my heart, and all that is within
I lay it all down, for the sake of You my King
giving you my dreams, I'm laying down my rights
giving up my pride, for the promise of new life

And I surrender

All to You, all to You
And I surrender
All to You, all to You

I'm singing You this song, I'm waiting at the cross
all the world holds dear, I count it all as loss
For the sake of knowing You, for the glory of Your name

To know the lasting joy, even sharing in your pain

And I surrender
All to You, all to You
And I surrender
All to You, all to You

"Surrender" / Vineyard Music / 2000


The song is pretty straightforward in its simplicity about what we should be doing with our lives. And as is the case so often, we make it so difficult and complicated. At least I do.

It's easy to share our hope in Christ when things are out of our control, or rather, when we feel out of control (altogether another issue in and of itself, don't you think?) Well, that's too black-and-white. Clearly, it isn't easy, and I guess sometimes it's more of a wild-animal-backed-into-a-corner sort of choice. Just hear my heart, here. I guess I mean it can be easier to fall back on the arms of Jesus when we feel as though our world is spinning out of control and we have not other choice. Not always the case, but anyway...doesn't it have the potential to be even more of a testimony (or at least an equally strong one) when we feel like we are in control, and yet we choose to give over control to God? I recognize that this is not how "surrender" is usually portrayed. We surrender when we have no other option.

And yet, there is so much freedom (and comfort) in knowing that we don't have to be in control! In trusting, with every fiber of our being, in our Creator and Sustainer, for the things that He has planned for us and promises are good. (This doesn't mean we always understand His plans, or agree that our current circumstances are good, but again, another issue...)

It's been difficult for me to wait on God's timing for this baby to arrive. I want to see him, hold him, and bond with him. Most of all, I want reassurance that he is alright. Trusting that he is in fact, healthy and growing without difficulty has been something I have continually struggled to believe since our appointment with the perinatologist at 27 weeks gestation. (See posts here and here for the whole story.) And, many days it's just plain discomfort and impatience driving those desires.

Singing "Surrender" on Sunday morning was a much needed reminder for me that there is freedom in relinquishing control to the One I know is already in control. He already holds me and my precious babe in the palm of His hand, and there is no better place, no better timing, and no better plan than those that He has for me.

For the sake of knowing Him, and giving glory to His name, it is certainly worth the peace I find when I finally lay down my pride, my feeling of "owning" my life (when I know full well I do not), and especially any plans I may presume are better (in my limited understanding).

As it turns out, surrender and peace go hand in hand.


Bubbles, Bugs, and Baby Belly

39 weeks today! I actually didn't think I'd make it this far. In fact, I've had to check my pity-party attitude more than once over the past few days. But I'm making progress! I had an OB visit today, and I'm 2cm dilated and 50% effaced, quite a bit of progress since last week's nearly nothing. For those of you who are praying (thank you so much! and...) I found out today that the two doctors (out of four) who I am most comfortable with in the practice are alternately on call tonight through Sunday. My desire is definitely to go into labor sometime during that window!

In other news, we've been having all sorts of fun doing outdoors-y things lately. I have my Mom's help (she flew in from Texas late last week to help out until the baby comes) and has made getting the boys out and about so much easier (not to mention the incredible help she has been around the house!)

The boys love bubbles, so we had a big 'ole bubble party on the front steps yesterday. Today the boys went on a bug hunt with Omie (my Mom) and an "I Spy" walkabout. Fun stuff! Check it out:

Don't YOU want a turn?


"Not Me!" Monday

Wishing you had an outlet that would help make your crazy life seem a tad bit normal? Wondering if anyone else's kids enjoy shouting farm animal noises at complete strangers in the grocery store? Looking for a place to vent your frustration at your toddler's infatuation with flushing various household items down the toilet? Look no further. "Not Me!" Monday was written just for you! (Well, and for me, because really, I just need to get this stuff out!)

Enjoy this week's post, and feel free to leave a comment and chime in with some of the things you didn't do this week!


This week began with a glorious burst of color! Of course, the gorgeous masterpiece to which I am referring was contained on a single, large sheet of construction paper. It wasn't, mind you, all over, say, the living room floor. And certainly, my darling boys (the geniuses behind this work of art) hadn't chosen as their primary artistic instrument several brightly colored crayons, which they had (brilliantly and methodically) shaved into teensy-tiny pieces with their (long, unkempt) fingernails and mashed into the (beige) carpet, leaving a sizeable (4x4, at least) area of (significantly different) colored shading in the (very noticeable) middle of the room. Nope, not my kids.

My almost two-year-old added a whole new dimension to his "Superman" persona this week. Remember this post? Well, in our house, Superman doesn't limit himself to leaping off tall couches in a single bound. Apparently, he also runs naked through the upstairs, hiding behind curtains, and when his unsuspecting parents walk by looking for him, he flings the curtains open with gusto...and begins urinating on the carpet in front of him.

Wouldn't it be ridiculous if someone else's kid actually did that? Thank goodness mine didn't.

Of course, it definitely wasn't yours truly who neglected to hold onto that same small, slippery toddler sufficiently when he asked to use the toilet in the middle of bath time. This certainly did not result in his falling bottom-first into the toilet.

Later this week, my Mom flew in from Texas to help out as we await the birth of Baby #3 (who now has a name! See this post!) The day after she arrived, we went over to my in-laws' to visit over supper. Despite feeling tired and overwhelmed with the end of this pregnancy, I maintain an attitude of helpfulness and hospitality at all times. So if you heard about the mom who (very inconsiderately) plopped right down into a recliner after dinner and proceeded to sleep away the next hour while her in-laws and mother (the guest) cleaned up and looked after the children, don't worry, it wasn't me.

And finally this week, I am happy to report that we had an absolutely incident-free outing to the grocery store last night. Yep. It wasn't my kids who behaved like full-blown hooligans, running like mad all over the store, despite my best efforts to keep them corralled. You know the kids you saw pull a large bag of grapes off of the produce aisle stand and run over said bag several times with the nifty grocery-cart-with-kiddie-race-car-attached, squishing the grapes? Yeah, the kids who then sat down in the middle of this mess and began eating the squished grapes directly off of the floor, all in the amount of time it took their mother to walk fifteen steps over to the organic spring mix and choose a box? Nope, not mine.

Similarly, it was not my oldest son who walked along behind the cart as I chose vegetables for a salad, discreetly licking his hand from top to bottom and then smearing its wet contents all over each vegetable in front of him. My kids know better, and if they had even considered doing something like this, I surely would have noticed and caught them before they actually touched the vegetables, much less 15-20 in a row. (Believe me, having seen this, I now have an even more compelling reason than pesticide residue to really scrub those veggies for my salad!) Some people's kids are just out-of-control and gross. Geez.

Not wanting my kids to get any crazy, hair-brained ideas about behaving anything like those other kids, I somehow determined it would be best to carry my second son in one arm while I pushed the absurdly full grocery cart with the other hand, and I chased after my oldest son with my go-go-gadget-arm. You know, a la Inspector Gadget??(Hmmm....wouldn't it be nice to have one of those? A little weird, maybe...)

Anyway, my kids love to be hauled around the grocery store, particularly when they'd rather be running around putting wholesome and nutritious foods like Twinkies and Cocoa Puffs into the cart by the armful. So that mom you saw struggling to maneuver through the dairy aisle, barely hanging on to her squirming, 32lb. toddler (who was nearly upside down) on one hip and trying desperately to maintain the least shred of modesty as her maternity pants slid off the other hip...

You got it...it wasn't me.


I'd love to hear about all of the things you didn't do this week! Scroll down and click on the comment link to leave a note. "Not Me!" Monday is an incredibly fun, blogging carnival started by MckMama on her blog, my charming kids. Basically, it's where we all can be brutally honest about the ridiculous things that will inevitably happen in everyday life.


Baby Has a Name!


We had a tough go of it this time, for whatever reason. For me in particular, it was really a struggle to settle on the final name choice. Maybe it was the whole K or C name thing, with all of the /k/ sounds (Kyler, Kayden, Cameron...) But, I considered dozens of others first, and nothing seemed to fit quite right like this one did. Who knows.

We liked having another "un" ending (Kayden, Cameron, etc.). And wanted him to have a Biblical middle name, like his brothers.

So, it's decided. Our third son will be named...

Callan Joseph

Depending on your source, it has several meanings:

The German origin means "to chatter." Ha! Who knows, maybe he'll have well over 100 words by his 18-month birthday, like his big brother Kayden.

The Gaelic origin means "powerful in battle" or "like a warrior."

And I've even run across a meanings/origins site that linked his name with a verse in Isaiah:

17 But in that coming day
no weapon turned against you will succeed.
You will silence every voice
raised up to accuse you.
Isaiah 54:17

Pretty cool, I think.

Joseph is after the Old Testament Joseph. (Not Joseph as in Mary and Joseph.)

Yay! We're so excited about welcoming him! The boys are too. Kayden has really enjoyed telling his grandparents and other family the name. Funny thing, though. He's alarmed both sets of grandparents and his aunt when he told them, because he says, "My baby brother is Callan!" which actually comes out sounding like, "My baby brother is coming!" It's pretty darn cute.

So there you go. I hope your curiosity is satiated, and I'm looking forward to publishing new photos of our precious babe just as soon as he arrives!

Feel free to leave as many comments about our
fantastic name choice as you like! :)

The "Birth Plan"

My birth plan, that is. For Baby three. Just to clarify (in case you were confused, which you probably weren't...)

You know, the plan that every baby birthing book, class, web site, etc. recommends that you at least think about (and preferably get into writing) before the "big day" is upon you. We've never actually written ours down or given a copy to our OB/hospital staff, but we have talked one out each time I've been pregnant.

And now, you lucky readers you, have the errr...privilege and joy of being privy to our** third birth plan. Well, if you want to be. No TMI, just me blabbering on about my hopes for this labor and delivery.

**Funny thing about our plans. Many times, it turns out we don't really want what we think we want. I believe in a God who does know what is best for me, regardless of whether or not I know (or recognize) it at the time. I am so thankful for these promises:

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11


So, maybe I should just call these my desires or hopes for this labor and delivery, with a full acknowledgment and belief that my God knows what is best for me, and that very well may not be what I desire (or have planned) for myself. And...that may translate into a very different birth story for Baby #3 than I am envisioning currently. And I'm okay with that, knowing that I have committed my plans and desires to Him, and now just have to trust Him with the rest.

May he give you the desire of your heart
and make all your plans succeed.
Psalm 20:4


So, that said, here we go:

No Induction
Unless absolutely medically necessary (as in, emergency for me or Baby) I really don't want to go down this road again. So far, so good. Not even a murmur of the word from my doctors. I am having little swelling episodes and experiencing a little high blood pressure, but no other yucky symptoms of toxemia/preeclampsia like I did with Kayden. Just very-end-of-pregnancy stuff. We'll see what my doctors say as I continue to inch closer to my due date with another (seemingly) very large baby.

No Epidural
I know, some of you think I'm nuts, (my husband included). I don't think I can really articulate the emotional reasons behind this desire, but if you've read Kayden's birth story (or Cam's birth story, for that matter) you already know some of my medical/logical arguments against an epidural. With both boys, the epidural never really took correctly, and in order to achieve adequate amounts of pain management in both legs, I ended up so ridiculously numb I couldn't feel to push well enough. And in Kayden's birth, I feel this is one of the main reasons I suffered so much nerve damage. Had the epidural taken correctly and not been so strong, I believe we'd have known right away that something was wrong and perhaps could have avoided it entirely. Maybe not, but it's a good enough reason for me to want to try and do things differently.

No Episiotomy/Forceps/Vacuum Extraction
I made it through my first and second deliveries without any of these interventions, even with very large babies, so I'm pretty confident and hopeful they won't be necessary, but nevertheless, no thank you.

Walking Telemetry & Heplock

Telemetry is just a fancy word for all of the devices they strap to you so they can monitor baby's heartrate and your contractions during labor. My hospital has two systems available for moms who want more freedom while laboring, particularly those who are trying to go all-natural, as I am. I'll also ask for just a heplock (as opposed to a full-blown IV) to "keep a vein open" in case my doctor feels he needs it for IV meds, pain meds, or I suddenly need an emergency procedure. Hopefully, these two things will allow me the freedom to walk around the room and labor in basically any position I want (as opposed to being "confined" to a hospital bed or restricted by an IV pole).


I've prepared and comitted to memory a pretty lengthy series of Bible verses and "mantras", if you will, to keep me focused as I labor. I've altered the tense of some of them so they apply to me and my situation specifically. It's really important to me that I try and relax, give my anxiety to God, and focus on His promises to meet my goal of having a natural delivery. Again, just why is hard for me to articulate, but it's something I feel pretty strongly about.

If you feel led, would you please pray for me as I prepare for this labor? You can pray over these specific verses for me, or just keep me lifted up in prayer as my due date gets closer. If you like, I'll send you a text when I go into labor, just shoot me an e-mail or comment on this post (I won't publish numbers). I'd love to have your prayer support. I know many of you have already been praying, and I can't tell you how encouraging it is to me!


1 Answer me when I call to you,
O my righteous God.
Give me relief from my distress;
be merciful to me and hear my prayer.
Psalm 4:1

7 [I will] cast all [my] anxiety on [You]
because [You] care for me.
1Peter 5:7

3 You will keep in perfect peace
all who trust in You,
all whose thoughts are fixed on You!
Isaiah 26:3

31 [And] those who trust in the Lord
will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31

13 For [You] are the LORD, [my] God,
who takes hold of [my] right hand and says
to [me], “Do not fear; I will help you.”
Isaiah 41:13

13 I can do all things through Christ who
strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

Thank you Father, for being
the Lord of my baby,
the Lord of my labor, and
the Lord of this birth.


Name That Photo

If I were to describe today, I'd say altogether I felt like this:

- Lopsided...

- Dressed in clothing (and accessories) that aren't exactly "me"...

- Generally unenthusiastic about having my picture taken...

- Unable to breathe properly...AND...

- Awkward and smashed into apparel that alters the way I view the world.

Yep. That about sums it up. Well, that and grumpy. Grumpy's a good word to describe me today, too. And besides, I had to find an excuse to share this photo, didn't I? Clearly, there's a bigger picture here. I'll share it in another post if you could do me a favor? Help me name this ridiculous photo and brighten my day?

I knew you'd be glad to help out.


Adventures in Harpers Ferry

Almost two weeks ago, my great friend Abbie and her roomie Wensa came out to Harpers Ferry for a visit. We had a great time catching up and spending the day together. Abs and I have one of those friendships that goes back to high school, and no matter how much time we spend apart, we are always able to pick up right where we left off. It's so refreshing and rewarding to have deep and lasting friendships like that.

Anyway, Abs and her roomie Wensa live in DC, so they came out for the day to visit and get out of the busy city. We ended up spending most of the day hiking through Harpers Ferry. Enjoy the pics!

Trekking down through the cemetery with my big belly and my little man...

Abs and Wensa atop Jefferson Rock...

Oh. so. handsome...

The roomie portrait shot...


Guess-the-Birthdate Contest!

That's right, my bloggy friends! Welcome to my first blog contest! Woo hoo!

I'm officially two weeks from my due date today. Yipppeee! Seeing as how Cameron was ten days early, and I'd be happy to have this baby, well, anytime from here on out, now seems as appropriate as anytime to start the fun.

And...there's a prize for the winner!

I know, you can hardly contain your excitement. Me neither.

I haven't blogged about it yet (hoping to soon), but I've been quite busy crafting baby and new mommy gifts lately (hence this past week's blogging hiatus...well, and the three-day detour over at my in-laws). Anyway, I have several little items I'd love to offer the winner of this little fun fest. I've been making cute, peanut-shaped burp cloths with frayed edges, tag blankets, and nursing covers.

And yes, as a matter of fact, I do think burp cloths and nursing covers are pretty darn exciting, thankyouverymuch. Here are some pics I snapped quickly tonight (not great, but you get the idea):

Aren't they cute? Really, what's not to love? (Or get excited about?!) I knew you would.

I'll snap some pics of the tag blankets tomorrow (Cam's sleeping with his now - he has three).

Update: As promised, here they are. These are highly valued items in our house! I made them for Cam when he was a baby, and they've been his "loveys" every since. Whenever I need to calm him or cue him to go to sleep, I just pop these guys in his lap and *presto!* Well, usually...

And I'll post pics of the nursing cover as soon as I finish mine. I was a genius and didn't take any pics of the one I made and gave to a friend this weekend. Anyway.

Here you go! I posted about this nursing cover here:

If you don't have a baby, aren't a (relatively) new mommy/daddy (or going to be), or grandmother, or aunt/uncle, or whatever...and you don't know anyone who you might be able to give these sweet little items to (because who wouldn't love them?), and you don't want to keep them to snuggle with yourself...we'll just have to work something else fun and exciting out. Like ice cream. Or something.

So here are the rules (or guidelines, if you're one of those anti-rules sort of people...)

1. You may only enter once by commenting on this post. Sorry all you Facebook commenters, you knew you were going to have to figure it out one of these days. You too, Mom.

2. Your entry should include both the anticipated birth date and time. (This way, if we have several who guess the same date, we have a legitimate way of choosing a winner. Brilliant, I know.)

3. You must submit your entry no later than Friday, August 14th, at midnight. And if I have him before then, I WIN!! And well, I guess you will have had to have entered before then...

4. Just for additional fun if you like (and who doesn't love more fun?!), you can also guess his birth weight and length. Maybe, just maybe, I'll throw in a prize for those winners, too. I'm generous like that.

Info that may (or may not) help to guide your guesses can be found in the boys' birth stories, here and here. Instructions on how to comment are below.

Happy Guessing!


How to Comment:
Commenting is so easy and simple. Just click on the "Comment" link below this post, and a new page will come up with a commenting box. Enter your guess in the text box, and "choose an identity" (Name/URL is easiest if you don't have a Google/Open ID account.) If you choose Anonymous, make sure you let me know who you are after your guess! Then, click "Publish Your Comment"! So easy. After I get your guess, I'll publish it for everyone to see (it won't come up right away.)


"Not Me!" Monday

Are you looking for a blog to read that will make your crazy life seem a tad bit normal? Feeling guilty for casually allowing your small children to launch themselves off the arm of the living room sofa? Or maybe just needing to divulge the fact that you are not a culinary master and on occasion, if left to your own devices, just may allow your children to eat only bread if they so desire?

Look no further. "Not Me!" Monday was written just for you! (Well, and for me, because really, I just need to get this stuff out!) Enjoy my brutal honesty, and chime in with a comment of your own at the end of the post!


For starters, this entire week has felt like one gargantuan "Not Me!" episode. So why is it that when I went to sit down and pound out this week's typewritten therapeutic venting session, I could not recall a single thing that I'd originally intended to include? That's right, pregnancy brain has gotten so bad around here, I actually had to sit down with my husband in order to remember even one thing to write. I suppose I should rejoice over this! The Lord is gracious to take away our memories of many unpleasant things. But an entire week? Oh well. Such is life at 38 weeks pregnant, I guess. Regardless, it may be safest for me to jot down a quick list before I forget them again!

On Friday afternoon, Kyler and I were preparing to head over to his parents' house for dinner. They were back from a 3-week trip to Hawaii (business trip for his Mom, and a great perk for his Dad!) and had invited us over for dinner. I insisted we weren't staying at his parents' house, attributing to the fact that we still have so much to do to prepare for Baby's arrival.

And so it certainly wasn't my family that ended up staying 3-1/2 days at my in-laws, despite having only three diapers and three pull ups. I'm still not quite sure how we pulled that one off. Hmmm....oh well!

I've been having a tremendously difficult time getting to sleep and feeling rested in the morning. What with all of the crazy, vivid dreams, bathroom breaks every hour (at least), muscle cramps, and the hip hop dance classes Baby is holding inside my belly, I generally find myself staring at the clock until 2am nearly every night, desperately begging the Lord to put me to sleep. So wasn't it incredibly wise of me to just go ahead and stay up until 2am sewing baby gifts for a shower I was attending on Saturday? No? Well, that's alright then, because it wasn't me that did.

Remember the fact that I insisted that we weren't going to stay the night at Kyler's parents' house? Well, since I knew we wouldn't stay, I of course didn't feel the need to haul over anything unnecessary, like clothes (or diapers/pull-ups for the boys, apparently...) So it couldn't have been yours truly that, lacking any sort of clothing in even a remotely appropriate size, wore the same clothes I'd worn all day Friday to the baby shower the next day. Um, nope. That's just gross. (And Genny, now you know why any pictures of me posted on FB have been promptly un-tagged...)

Kyler's mom is incredibly wonderful about making her home as grandchild-friendly as possible. The boys even have their own room, beds, and closet in her house. I know. She's amazing. So, given how easy she has made it for me, certainly I'd have taken the appropriate steps to make sure the boys' clothing is rotated and gone through on a regular basis. I mean, what Mom worth her salt wouldn't want to be sure there is something they can actually wear in their closets, ready for an occasion such as an unexpected visit? Hmmm. Even if I didn't, say, make sure there was semi-appropriately-sized clothing there for the boys, surely I'd have something in the right size with me in the diaper bag, or the car, or....? Yes. The Boy Scout motto is also my own. Be prepared...that's me!

Which is why it must have been some other Mom you saw dragging herself and her boys into the church children's wing on Sunday morning, dressed in clothing that was at least two sizes too big or too small (or both, as in a 12-month shirt and 4T pants on a child that is nearly two). It wasn't me.

And finally this week, it most assuredly was not me who...

- still hasn't packed a bag for the hospital, despite the fact that my due date is only two weeks away (or the fact that Cameron was two weeks early...)

- thought Ritz crackers with chocolate icing and peanut butter was a reasonable choice for lunch on Sunday afternoon...

- was (quickly, though discreetly) kicked out of her own children's room (by her husband) at bedtime for being too grumpy...

Not ME!!


I'd love to hear about all of the things you didn't do this week! Scroll down and click on the comment link to leave a note. "Not Me!" Monday is an incredibly fun, blogging carnival started by MckMama on her blog, my charming kids. Basically, it's where we all can be brutally honest about the ridiculous things that will inevitably happen in everyday life.


Cameron's Birth Story

I suppose it's only fair that I give equal attention to both of my children. I thought getting Kayden's story written down would help get the impending third labor off of my mind - HA! I was up until 3am with contractions the night I posted his birth story. I think it may have actually made the labor anxiety increase. Oh well. Here we go again...

And as with the first story, here is your disclaimer: considering this is an entire post dedicated to labor and the birthing of a baby, TMI is pretty much a given. Consider yourself warned.

Kyler and I like to tell people (who inevitably ask when they find out how close together Kayden and Cameron are) that Cam was in fact planned - just not yet. We actually didn't find out I was even pregnant until I was over 8 weeks along. With my pregnancy with Kayden, the nausea didn't really kick in until about 6 weeks, and since he was only about seven months old when Cam was conceived, I was already exhausted.

So we had no clue. I hadn't had a period since we conceived Kayden, so we didn't even know I was ovulating, much less when that would even happen. Cam was literally conceived the first time I ovulated after having Kayden. (This certainly gives me pause when I think of so many of my friends who have struggled for years to conceive. We are blessed, indeed.) It wasn't until I had endured excruciatingly painful nursing sessions with Kayden for nearly two weeks that I began to wonder what was going on. Seriously, every time my milk "let down" it felt like someone was yanking a string of barbed wire out of me. So not fun.

Finally, I walked in the door one day to coffee brewing and nearly lost my lunch. This hadn't happened with Kayden, but it was last in a line of "Hmmmm....I wonder...." incidents that pushed me to crawl into the back of the cabinet under the bathroom sink and dig out a pregnancy test. I remember sitting there in the bathroom watching that little stick for the two-minutes-that-seemed-like-two-hours thinking that surely, there had to be another explanation.

The first test was very clear. So clear, in fact, that Kyler and I decided there must be something wrong with it. After all, the expiration date had gone by, and I was nursing, so maybe that affected the results...who knows? Surely, I wasn't pregnant again. Yeah, we were in complete and total denial.

You know how this goes. I was pregnant, and the second test was even more clear than the first. When I went in for my OB to confirm the pregnancy, I was a big, swirling ball of complete terror and elation. Oddly enough, I had just been in their office two weeks prior, already pregnant unbeknownst to us all, for a routine exam. It was pretty amusing to see the realization come over the nurse's face when she asked for the date of my last period so she could calculate my due date. Keep in mind this was February 2007. I answered: "July 25th....2005." She looked up with a quizzical, about-to-challenge-my-recollection look on her face when I added, "I'm nursing a baby."



Two weeks later, an ultrasound confirmed that I was about 10 weeks along, due sometime around Labor Day, appropriately.


If you read Kayden's birth story, you know I was induced with him. Consequently, I knew what it felt like to be in full-fledged labor, but I had not a clue what it was like to go into labor. In that regard, it was like a first pregnancy all over again. Thankfully, my body didn't react to my pregnancy with Cam with near the vehement opposition (swelling, high-blood pressure, etc.) that it did with Kayden, although as d-day approached, it was clear he was going to be every bit as big as his older brother.

My contractions started on a Thursday morning, two weeks before my due date. I was doing laundry with Kayden, and it took me about an hour to realize these weren't like the "practice" contractions I'd been having previously. They were completely erratic at first, only about 45 seconds long, and coming every five, then twenty, then twelve minutes.

After about two hours, I started keeping track and called Kyler at work to let him know, just in case. Oh, and I packed a hospital bag, which I (naturally) hadn't gotten around to yet. When Kayden went down for a nap three hours later, I took a shower and laid down for awhile, and the contractions stopped. (My mother-in-law (a former maternity nurse) tells me this is basically how you can "test" to see if it's real labor: try to make it stop.) So, I figured this was just a test run.

That evening, I had worship team practice at church. Given the day's events, Kyler and Kayden came along to Shepherdstown and hung out at his parents' house. When I arrived, I found out that many/most of the integral people needed for rehearsal (drummer, guitarist, another vocalist, etc.) had one emergency or another come up and wouldn't be there, so our worship pastor was cancelling practice, an incredibly rare (if not unprecedented) occurrence. We had been talking for several weeks about trying to schedule a time when I could come out to his recording studio (housed in his garage) and work on vocal recordings for a CD our church was putting together. Knowing it wasn't going to happen anytime after soon after Cameron arrived and that it needed to be done soon, that night seemed convenient since practice was cancelled. Simultaneously, Kyler's parents had offered to watch Kayden for the night so I could get some rest (really, I think mom-in-law suspected I'd go into labor - smart lady). So Kyler met us at our worship pastor Ken's house, and sat in on the recording session.

I guess I should mention that I'd felt some milder contractions starting up again about the time I arrived at church for practice earlier. So, I started writing them down again, and passed that task to Kyler once we'd arrived at Ken's and started recording. After about 1.5 hours of recording, Ken noticed that sometimes in the middle of songs, I was pointing over to Kyler. (What he claims he didn't notice until he re-listened to a few tracks after-the-fact were tiny, spontaneous voice cracks that appeared "randomly" in the middle of songs...) Curious (and amused, no doubt) he asked what was going on.

Those of you who know Ken can imagine his "surprised" face here. It was pretty darn funny when he realized I was recording a CD through contractions. Looking back, it is pretty amusing, I guess. Some of the worship team now affectionately refer to that CD as "Heather's Labor CD," as (come to find out) I was actually in labor while recording it.

We finished up around 10pm, and Kyler and I headed home. The contractions hadn't stopped, but they "settled down" when I got into bed. Kyler (my wonderful, self-sacrificing husband) slept on the (too small for him) couch that night so I could have the whole bed to myself.

Around 4:30am, I awoke from a terrible dream, where I was crumpled up in a ball and in a lot of pain. Come to find out, I was actually crumpled up in a ball and in a lot of pain. I think I must have spent about 20 minutes trying to convince myself I was dreaming and to go back to sleep so the pain would stop. Of course, it didn't.

Still thinking this wasn't the real deal, (and remembering what had worked the day before), I got in the shower. After getting the shampoo into my hair and doubling over with another contraction, I woke up and was convinced. This was the real deal. I was too uncomfortable to even dry my hair, so up into a ponytail it went. It was time to get Kyler up and call the doctor, so I went downstairs.

I still give Kyler a hard time about how he reacted that morning. He was totally unconvinced that I was actually in labor. I called my doctor around 6:30am and got the go-ahead to get in the car and come to the hospital. We live about an hour from where I deliver, so we needed to get a move on. My contractions were now five minutes apart, but they were lasting nearly two minutes. When I finally convinced Kyler to quit messing around, pick out his stinkin' clothes and get me in the car, we headed out the door. It was now just after 7am.

Funny thing. We got about 15 minutes down the road and ran into a pretty continuous line of traffic traveling slower-than-normal. I'm thinking, "What is going ON?!" when the commuter in me from years past remembered: it was rush hour. This was going to be just like the traffic I had driven in to get to school for three years. Except worse, because my body wasn't trying to have a baby any of those mornings...

There we were, Kyler trying to negotiate traffic with me next to him, in labor. I was the stereotypical wife-in-labor-in-the-passenger-seat, gripping the door handle and breathing through contractions as we sat helplessly through each successive stoplight. I remember pulling up to one stoplight, dead even with the car next to us. The guy looked over, dressed in his nice business suit, sipping his morning coffee. It was pretty amusing - as amusing as it could be to a woman in intense pain - to see the realization come over his face. Yeah, buddy. That's exactly what's going on here. You wanna let my husband over into that lane, please?

We arrived at the hospital around 8:30am. It took me about five minutes to muster up the guts to get out of the car. I was ready to have that baby right there, just nobody move me! I must have looked like a little kid trying to make it to the bathroom in time, the way I shuffled to the birthing center doors, convinced Cameron was going to just fall out at any instant.

Come to find out after the nurse did a quick cervical exam that I was already 7.5 cm dilated and in transition. My limbs were shaking uncontrollably. As she turned away, I looked lovingly at my husband and said, "I told you I was in labor!" (And then I smiled. Really. I wasn't bitter.)

At that point, I think I caved. The nurse asked if I wanted an epidural, and I heard my mouth blurt out, "Yes." This wasn't what we'd discussed, so Kyler tried to talk me out of it (like I'd instructed him to), but I was done. Exhausted after a full day and night of contractions, riddled with anxiety after driving through rush hour to get to the hospital, suddenly worried about the nerve damage I'd had with Kayden, and honestly, terrified about how quickly things were moving, I just lost my belief that I could do this the way I wanted to (free of anesthesia).

Aside: If you haven't read Kayden's birth story, and especially if you think I'm nuts for not wanting an epidural and may look down on you because you did, please head on over and read the paragraph on pain management before you think I'm judging you. I'm not.

If I thought things were moving quickly before I was admitted and asked for an epidural, then I guess I have to describe what happened next as darn near frantic. I had at least 4-5 nurses swarming around me, prepping me for the epidural, getting an IV in and an ID bracelet on, and doing the labor interview (you know the questions: "Any allergies? Prior complications? Does your husband beat you?" YES. They ask that. And usually, they make the husband leave. I pre-empted this question and asked her to please get on with it...)

Unfortunately, it was same story, second verse as soon as they got the epidural in. It didn't take properly, and my progress basically stopped. I was totally numb in one side, and having extraordinary pain in the other side, comparatively. And as with my labor with Kayden, they fiddled with it until I was so full of anesthetic I couldn't feel anything. I was so frustrated, and beginning to fear that I'd suffer the same nerve damage as a result of not being able to feel how to push correctly. That is, until Dr. C walked in. Up to that point, we weren't completely sure who would be delivering, since I was admitted right at the on-call shift change. This doctor had made a point to sit down with Kyler and I and discuss my previous labor with Kayden, why he believed I suffered the nerve damage, and how he wanted to see me labor this time to prevent it from happening again. He reviewed the delivery position again with me each time I saw him in the last two months, and always took the time to answer my questions and reassure me. I can't tell you what a difference that made, and I trusted him implicitly.

After an hour of basically no progress, I was put on a Pitocin drip and slowly labored towards 10cm. My doctor left to take a lunch break, but after about ten minutes, Cam's heart rate began to drop, and I was put on oxygen. Same story as with Kayden. So, I asked the nurse to call Dr. C back so we could just do this thing.

My water still hadn't broken, so the doc broke it, and I geared myself up for the long haul. When it was time, I pushed ONCE, and Dr. C made me stop, mid-push, to prevent Cam from just flying right on out! I pushed a second time, and his head was delivered. Kayden's enormous head had paved a road, apparently, and after only 15 short months, my body didn't have too much trouble recollecting how to get a baby out! At this point, Dr. C asked me if I wanted to help deliver the rest of him. I thought I was hearing things, and judging by Kyler's face, he did too. But Dr. C asked again, and then proceeded to give me instructions on what he wanted me to do on the next push.

What followed was pretty incredible. Dr. C had me sit at about a 30* angle (as if I were about to take off water skiing), push and lean up as if I were doing an abdominal crunch, and reach out to help catch my baby. I put my hands under his arms as I pushed, and my doctor supported his head and bottom as I pulled him out and up into my arms. I can't tell you the vast spectrum of mixed reactions we get when Kyler or I tell this story, but truly, it was incredible to actually help deliver my own child.

Cameron weighed in at 9lbs. 1oz. and was 21in. long. It's amazing how different he looked compared to Kayden with that extra 1/2 pound, and without the extra 2 inches. (And it's even more amazing to me that I got that much baby out in three pushes!) He still sports around some pretty cute chipmunk cheeks.

By comparison, I felt sooooo much better than I did after Kayden's delivery. After I had Kayden, I didn't eat for hours, even though I hadn't eaten for over 24 hours. Cameron was born at 1:19pm, and by 5:00pm I was chowing down on a cheeseburger and fries that Kyler brought me from Ruby Tuesdays. Yum.

Kayden was an absolutely heroic big brother. (He still surprises me with the depth of his empathy, compassion, and patience.) It was heartbreaking and phenomenal to watch him transform from my baby into a big brother in span of mere days. I think it actually took me longer to adjust to having Cameron around! At just shy of 16 months apart, they certainly made those first few weeks (and still make every day) an adventure in mommyhood (if you haven't read this post, it's highly worth a read, particularly if you are a fan of "Not Me!" Monday...) :)