Bubbles, Bugs, and Baby Belly

39 weeks today! I actually didn't think I'd make it this far. In fact, I've had to check my pity-party attitude more than once over the past few days. But I'm making progress! I had an OB visit today, and I'm 2cm dilated and 50% effaced, quite a bit of progress since last week's nearly nothing. For those of you who are praying (thank you so much! and...) I found out today that the two doctors (out of four) who I am most comfortable with in the practice are alternately on call tonight through Sunday. My desire is definitely to go into labor sometime during that window!

In other news, we've been having all sorts of fun doing outdoors-y things lately. I have my Mom's help (she flew in from Texas late last week to help out until the baby comes) and has made getting the boys out and about so much easier (not to mention the incredible help she has been around the house!)

The boys love bubbles, so we had a big 'ole bubble party on the front steps yesterday. Today the boys went on a bug hunt with Omie (my Mom) and an "I Spy" walkabout. Fun stuff! Check it out:

Don't YOU want a turn?

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