In The Morning...

In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you
and wait in expectation.
Psalm 5:3


In the morning, Kyler and I will travel to the hospital, and my labor with our third son will be induced. We were in the professional building across the street this afternoon, discussing this new plan with my obstetrician.

There were many reasons driving our decision, some of them more complicated than I need to explain here. Just a few include:

- I am now nearly a week overdue, I birth large babies, and he's not getting any smaller.

- Continuing the pregnancy would require our traveling back and forth to the hospital (an hour away) several times during the next week for additional tests to ensure my and the baby's health.

- I'm nearly 3cm dilated and completely effaced. Given my labor history, my doctor believes labor is imminent, and it's entirely possible spontaneous labor could happen tonight (which is exactly what we're praying for).

- My doctor is in complete support of my desire for as natural a delivery as possible, and feels he can orchestrate events surrounding the induction to make it so. Other than the Pitocin itself, he was very reassuring that the rest of my hopes for this labor (walking telemetry, not breaking my water until I've had an opportunity to labor awhile, etc.) could be accomodated without a problem. Kyler and I trust this doctor implicitly, and his final recommendation after talking with us and examining me was to go ahead with the induction.


So...we're having a baby tomorrow! Again, thank you so much for your continued support, prayers, and encouragement. Please continue to pray for me, and the health and safety of our precious baby boy. Specifically...

- I am fighting terrible allergies and a cold/sinus infection. Breathing through my nose is pretty much a no-go right now, and as it stands could really complicate labor breathing.

- That I would be able to rely entirely upon my Savior to carry me through the pains of labor and delivery, and that I can lean on him instead of letting fear of pain or uncertainty consume me.

- Neither Callan or I would suffer any kind of complication.

- That Kyler will know exactly how and when to support me, and that he takes care of himself, too! (During my labor with Kayden, he didn't eat or drink for nearly 12 hours. Bad news...)

- That this labor and delivery would glorify God.


We can't wait to share the story of how God works through this labor and delivery after Callan arrives!


The Powell Family said...

Have a beautiful, worshipful day tomorrow! I'll be praying!

Ashley M said...

It brings me to tears to know that God has such a beautiful story for you and Callen. Praying for you and knowing that our God will meet your needs, comfort, strengthen and encourage you as you being glory to Him.