Welcome, Callan!

This past Tuesday, we welcomed the newest little member of our growing family, and you have waited so patiently for pictures! As it has with the other boys, my infatuation with photographing his preciousness is growing exponentially by the day, so I am sure you will have had your fill of pictures within the month (if not by the end of this post!) Here are the stats:


Callan Joseph

09/01/09 @ 12:45pm
7lbs. 13oz.

19-3/4 in. long


After all of the poking, prodding, and pricking, he screamed in protest the loudest while the nurses were taking his footprints! Silly boy...


Proof that we are all born with an inherently sinful nature...

Apparently, it's a family tradition...
(below is Kayden, several minutes old)

I know.
Shame on me for including these pics! (I'll blame their father - he took them).
But really, how could I resist?! Too funny!


Buffy, our outstanding labor and delivery nurse.


Proud Daddy. Amazing Husband. Truly, I love him more every day. He was a Rock during my labor. Even in the middle of my most intense pain, he didn't falter for a second from what I had asked of him. What a blessed wife I am!


My first moments with Callan...


My mom was watching the boys while we were in the hospital, and brought them up the first night to meet their new baby brother. As Kayden was with Cameron, I was just in awe of the depth of their comprehension. Mom (the retired Kindergarten teacher of 30 years) had obviously been preparing them all day, as we had throughout my pregnancy, but their understanding was just so far beyond all that. It was a sight to behold them loving on their brother for the first time.

Proud big brother Kayden, who announced to pretty much anyone as they came in the room, "That's my baby brother Callan Joseph! I'm the biggest brother now!"


Various family members with Baby...


The big boys welcomed Callan home on Thursday. They were so excited to see him!


Oh, my soul. So much love for such a small person.
Another precious bundle entrusted to our care.
We are blessed, indeed.


mscstephens said...

Okay, I'm totally blaming this on hormones, but I am bawling looking at your pictures! Callan is so beautiful and your other boys seem so sweet with him. That's been my favorite part of having my two so close together - watching their interaction. You are truly blessed, mama! Now stop taking pictures and get some rest. ;-)

Karen said...

I"m bawling too....So pleased with you and your family ...so blessed. Praying for strength and endurance in the race...you can do it...raising boys:)

Ashley M said...

Welcome Callan!!! He's so perfect. Thanks for posting pictures :)

Carolyn said...

What a praise story! I am blessed by the ministry you have shared through your birthing experience. Congratulations on your precious Callan. God is so wonderfully good!:-)
I look forward to a visit from all of you the next time you are in SM:-)