And The Winner Is...

So, I guess I'm obligated to actually provide a little closure to that little blog contest I held (twice) back when I was oh-so-pregnant. I know you have all been absolutely biting your fingernails waiting for the results. Or...you checked for yourself long ago and already know who the winner is. Or...you never really cared in the first place. (Surely, that isn't the case...)

Anyway, there IS a winner!

Actually, there are three winners.


For the birth date contest, the prize goes to my dear friend Abbie (guessed Sept. 1st at 2:34pm)! Yay!

And for the birth weight contest, (and may I say Callan had us all totally duped on this one - the nearest correct guess was still over half a pound off!) the prizes go to Kerri and Amanda (with identical guesses of 8lbs. 8oz.)!!


Congrats, girls! We'll be in touch about your prizes!

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