...Callan turned three weeks old. I simply cannot believe how quickly the time is passing. He is likely around 9 lbs. now and is sporting some pretty adorable cheeks.


...Cameron is showing many signs of potty-training readiness. Oh, but am I ready? He's asking to be changed as soon as he wets his diaper, wants to "go pooooottttty!!!" when his brother goes, and tries to get his soiled diapers off if I don't quickly enough (like when I'm nursing Callan). Sigh. I can't ignore the probability that it will only get more difficult as he gets older...here we go again!

...the boys and I attempted (and survived!) a short trip to the grocery store, without incident! Now that I am sufficiently over-confident, stay tuned for a report on our next few outings...they'll probably turn up in a "Not Me!" Monday! :)

...Kayden's imagination is growing and growing! This week, we've had in-depth discussions about the elephants that are jumping over and into the car as we drive down the road. Several times, Kayden has quite nearly demanded that I stop the car so the elephants can catch up. This morning, I came downstairs to find him, Cameron, and Kyler stomping around the living room with straddled legs "like BIIIIIG ellphalents!"

...I have been negotiating the postpartum emotional roller coaster. It hit pretty significantly about a week ago. Although it doesn't make the emotions easier to control or less intense, it is helpful to know the cause (and that in time, it will pass).

...my sweet babe loves being close to Mommy. He frequently cries when he isn't snuggled up against me. I love "wearing" him, but just can't find a sling that fits right, so am looking for another. Does anyone have an outstanding (relatively inexpensive) recommendation? Or one you aren't using that I can borrow?


...I am looking forward to returning to leading worship at Covenant this weekend.

...I took a shower! Yes, this is a big deal.

...Cameron is becoming more and more of a risk-taker and daredevil. He now takes stairs two at a time on the way up, and jumps clear over the last two on the way down. He vaults over the back of the couch, and pulls the cushions off of the couch himself so he can jump off. Meanwhile, I'm stockpiling the bandages and preparing for another two decades of ER visits. Oh my...

...Kayden is having a more difficult time (of the two big boys) adjusting to having Callan around. Without a doubt, he loves and dotes on his baby brother, but also has more frequent spells of helplessness and needing Mommy's help with things he's done on his own for a year now. While this is sometimes frustrating, I know it will pass as we all adjust to having Callan around. And besides, it's so nice to be needed! :)

...I have lost nearly 25 lbs. I have at least another 25lbs. to go, and am contemplating training for a 5K. Other than the normal frustration with a completely dysfunctional wardrobe, I'm pretty happy with my progress!

...Callan is showing glimpses of a more regular nighttime schedule. This means Mommy and Daddy are experiencing more chunks of sleeping, fewer chunks of screaming...hooray!


...Cam's phrases of choice are "I got it," "My do it," and "Yep." It's pretty darn cute.

...we are slowly adjusting to this "new normal" as a family of five. Pray for Kyler and I, as the demands of juggling his normally packed fall schedule coupled with significantly less sleep for both of us can be quite taxing.

...I am rediscovering the importance of "getting out" to my mood and ability to manage this "new normal."

...I have been totally moved by Christy Nockels' new CD, "Life Light Up" that Kyler bought me. Just now getting around to listening to it, and I can't turn it off. I am so thankful for the way God has used her ministry and music to speak into my life!

So lately, what have you been up to?


mscstephens said...

Lately I've been dealing with lots of car issues! lol!

I wanted to comment about your wrap question. I have a wrap that I've used with both girls. It's 5 yards of jersey knit fabric cut in half long-ways. That's it. You could make it fancy by hemming the ends, but I'm too lazy for that. :-) Here's a link to instructions on how to tie it


There are other ways to tie it for different holds, but that's the one I use most often. The actual wrap it's for is called a moby, but it's really just the 5 yards of fabric with a little bit of fanciness.

Heather said...

I was going to suggest a Moby wrap too. They're soooo much better than slings, in my opinion.

Hang in there, Heather. I can't imagine how tough things are right now. It sounds like you're doing a great job at keeping everything in perspective, even when things feel overwhelming.

I'm totally going to be hitting you up for advice in a few weeks!