o⋅ver⋅due – adjective


past due: as a delayed train or a bill not paid by the assigned date.

: two overdue library books.

too long awaited; needed or expected for some time: Improvements in our highway system are long overdue

more than sufficiently advanced, mature, or ready: That country is overdue for industrial development.

tardy, belated, held up, hung up, delinquent



Although I wouldn't compare the way I feel to a delayed train, library books, highway improvements, or a country in need of industrial development, (and I am quite hesitant to label my unborn child as "delinquent" before he's even born...) the fact of the matter is that I am now three days overdue.

Actually, this is a first for me. Three pregnancies, first time I've made it to (and now, past) my due date. Kayden was induced the day before he was due. Cameron came on his own ten days early. So being overdue is a whole new experience. But seeing as how this baby has defied just about any and every expectation we've had thus far, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Of course, not being surprised doesn't make it any more comfortable. Or uncomfortable. In fact, I have to say that after I passed my last "date of expectation" for going into labor**, I've been rather at peace about the whole thing.


**Aside: What is a "date of expectation," you ask? Well, that's easy. It's simply a date (or in my case, one of several dates over the past few weeks) by which I expected to go into labor/have the baby. Seeing as how Cam was early (and even though I knew I shouldn't have put any stock in this fact, a girl can dream, can't she? And I did...) these dates started, honestly, at the end of July***.

***Aside to the aside: I know, I'm terrible. We always want babies to "cook" those full 40 weeks, I know! I guess the "uncomfortable" and "I have big babies that are more than ready to come out" factors gave me false hope that all would be well at 4 weeks early. Dumb, I know....


And so, we wait. And trust in God's perfect plan and timing for that plan. I mean, I guess there really isn't much more we can do.

Except maybe practice keeping a quiet heart and laugh at opportunities that help us to do so. For example...

We had a bit of drama in the house yesterday. Actually, most of the drama was over the phone. While I was taking a nap
, I got a call from my OB's office on my cell phone. They left a message, and then called Kyler's phone, which he answered. (I tell you this, because the message they left on my phone is pretty funny, considering...) The nurse proceeded to tell him that they had moved my induction date up. It was now scheduled for Monday, and I needed to be at the birthing center at 7am.


Bless his heart, he did everything I could have asked of him. He told her he was pretty sure that I wouldn't be comfortable with that scheduling, and asked for the name of someone we could call to discuss it further if there were problems. She basically told him, "Ummm, our office is closed and you won't be able to call back." and left the on-call doctor's answering service number.

Yeah. It was Friday, their office was closed, and they called to tell me I was having a baby on Monday, like it or not.

Rewinding a bit, a quick synopsis of the message they left on my phone: "Hi Heather, this is ******* with your OB's office. I just wanted to let you know that we've moved your induction date up to Monday, so you'll need to be at the birthing center at 7am ready to go. We'll go ahead and cancel the doctor's appointment you have scheduled for that day. If you have any questions, you can call the birthing center this weekend. Have a great day!"

My wonderful husband came right over, woke me from my nap, and relayed this whole series of events. And...after I picked my jaw up off of the floor and mustered every ounce of emotional control I could possibly manage, we prayed and talked over just exactly how we were going to discuss this with the doc on call when I got in touch with her.

We ultimately decided to go the "Actually, my son Cameron's birthday is on Monday, and we'd rather not schedule an induction for the same day..." route, instead of the "Are you FREAKIN' crazy?!?! I'm not even 41 weeks and we haven't actually discussed this further with a doctor to see if it's even necessary!" route.

Remember the post about my birth plan? My goal is an intervention-free, natural delivery.

I'm quite sure this entire scenario was orchestrated by God to change my perspective on the particular doctor on call this weekend. She was more than accomodating when we got in touch with her; in fact, she was apologetic. She said there must have been a mix up, because they wouldn't have intentionally scheduled an induction for another of my kids' birth dates, (and actually the reason they changed it in the first place was the date we had originally set much later in the week was no longer available). Monday's induction was cancelled, my appointment for that day is still set, and we'll talk about possible induction then if I'm still pregnant.

So. Crisis averted. Patience practiced. Quiet heart kept.....comparatively quiet, considering.


And so I'm still waiting. Still trusting in God's timing. Still practicing patience. Still trying to keep a quiet heart. Especially now that I also have a cold, which makes those things just that much more difficult.

C'mon...I can fish for a little extra sympathy, right? :)


Thanks for checking in! Happy weekend! Who knows? Maybe today will be the day.....


Jean Stockdale said...

How exciting. Thanks for sharing about this special time. I will check by soon to see how this all plays out. I love that you said' crisis averted and patience practiced." That is a great description of how we are to live!! Read James 1 if you get a chance. God is working patience into our lives through the suffering we endure.
Keep your eyes on Jesus.Thanks for sharing.

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Anonymous said...

The baby is just waiting to make his grand entrance into your family!!!!! Good things come to those who wait :) You, baby & the boys are in our prayers.

samurai said...

I'm beginning to think this whole contest thing is rigged! 8)