Crafty Mama: Nursing Cover

Yay! I finally finished that nursing wrap I offered as a prize here. I thought I'd post a few pics, just in case you're the crafty type and/or have any interest at all in my crafting endeavors.

Please keep in mind I am a total novice at all of this sewing business. I'm mostly self-taught (my mother-in-law taught me the basic mechanics of and how to thread her machine, and turned me loose), and so far I have only attempted fairly simple projects. But, I'm also really proud of this one, so no judging my mediocre skill level please.

When I was pregnant with Cam, I decided I wanted something a little more user-friendly than a receiving blanket to nurse discreetly in public. My mom went for the splurge and bought me one of these. The name had me sold. Too funny! And after using it with Cam, I liked it so much I wanted a couple more, just for convenience's sake. So, I searched online and found a tutorial here to follow and make a few more of my own. The greatest part? The cover my mom bought me last year retails for $38. The materials for the one I made myself only cost me about $8, if that.

This one I intend to use mostly at church when I'm singing on the worship team. I wear a lot of black (guess that's a throwback to my Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra days...)

Hmmm....guess I should add that I don't plan on nursing on stage, just before, and during, (and in between, and after...) practices and services on Sunday morning. Just in case you were confused (and rightfully concerned) about that...

It has a piece of boning along the top so I can see Baby if I need to, and an adjustable neck strap for a great fit. And I love that I can use as much material as I want, so no amount of thrashing and yanking on the part of a hungry baby boy will put me in a....er....revealing position.

I also sewed a piece of soft flannel into the backside of one corner to use as a pocket and/or burp cloth if I need one.

I love being crafty and frugal. It's fun, inexpensive, and so rewarding to make my own stuff and also to give away homemade baby gifts to friends. If you happen to enjoy this sort of thing too and have any blogs, websites, crafts and/or tips, please share them with me!

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mscstephens said...

Cute! I have one that my Aunt gave me... she has a store in Kyle and one of her vendors makes them. It's a little small sometimes and I keep thinking that I should just make my own. You may have just inspired me! Of course, this is coming from the mom who nursed in the middle of the mall playground last weekend with NO COVER AT ALL! Ha! Never thought I'd do that, but it was soooo hot. Poor Dylan was sweating buckets and so was I. I got some funny looks, but I really didn't care. I kept the girls covered with my shirt except when she actually latched on.

Oh, and the extra bit of flannel is inspired!

Haven't you had that baby yet? lol!