"Not Me!" Monday

Are you frustrated that, yet again, one of your children unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet downstairs? Or maybe you're feeling embarrassed that you accidentally melted your child's baby monitor? Perhaps you're just feeling guilty that you let VeggieTales look after your children so you could have 30 minutes of peace and quiet. Whatever happened to you this week, relax! "Not Me!" Monday is all about being brutally honest about life and living to tell about it. It's like free therapy!


Remember my "Not Me!" post in May about taking down the old quilt tacked up in our living room window? You know, the one that had been in our living room since December because I got sick of our neighbors being able to see every blessed thing that went on in our living room at night? Yep, the one that had been sitting uncovered since the previous May, when our boys and babysitter's kids pulled the entire window treatment out of the wall, mollies and all?

Remember that quilt? Well, surely you'd expect that it has been repaired and replaced by now. Because by now you've all grown accustomed to hearing about how zippity-zip quick we are to take care of home-improvement projects. So I'm not going to admit that the darn thing has not been fixed, and now I'm beginning to get sick of the neighbors being able to see every blessed thing that goes on in our living room at night...

During dinner one evening, I did not lift Cameron up to put him in his booster seat, and then, (unable to see beyond my burgeoning pregnant belly), absent-mindedly set his bare foot down right in the middle of his bowl of taco casserole, flipping it up into the air and down onto the floor, where it covered his seat, the table, and our white cabinets in tomato sauce, beans, corn, etc.

In addition this week, please keep in mind it was not me who...

- spent most of the week hanging out in my latest end-of-pregnancy wardrobe choice: my husband's basketball shorts and old maternity tank tops.

- mercilessly fussed at my husband for making a mess in the kitchen, and then left the carnage from my blueberry pancake dinner extravaganza sitting around for several days...

- bought a boatload of groceries in bulk from SAM's club, unloaded them into the entryway in our house, and then left them (where they sit, still...) because of my unwillingness to reorganize the closet pantry...

- found my son climbing, standing, and jumping (Superman style) off of the arm of the couch in our living room, and (rather than finding something less dangerous to occupy him) just laughed (encouragingly, I might add) and got out the camera to take pictures. And of course, I did not document this safe-parenting with pictures in the "Daredevil" post that follows this one...

And finally, Kyler's grandmother loves eating at Cracker Barrel, so every once in awhile, his extended family will all get together for dinner there. When we go, I love to walk around the shop part and look for clearance deals. Last fall, I found a great buy! They had this cute Raggedy-Ann style "Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow" set that I thought would look great in my parents' house. And they were a fabulous buy, so I bought them to mail to my Mom as a "Happy Fall!" surprise. The next day, I was throwing a baby shower, so I threw them up on our mantel for decoration.

Surely, I did not then leave them there - tags and all - and never mail them to my mom.

And surely, I did not completely neglect to take them down when the season passed, leaving them on the mantel and allowing all kinds of things to collect around them as the months passed by.

And certainly, almost a year later, they are not STILL THERE, because at this point, it's very nearly September, which means I'm inclined to just leave them there. Because, you know, I need something to decorate the mantel with this fall...

Sorry, Mom.

Maybe I'll get you a present this year that I don't keep myself.


So how did your week go? I'd love to hear about all of the things you didn't do this week! Scroll down and click on the comment link to leave a note. "Not Me!" Monday is an incredibly fun, blogging carnival started by MckMama on her blog, my charming kids. Basically, it's where we all can be brutally honest about the ridiculous things that will inevitably happen in everyday life.

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samurai said...

Well, i spent the past weekend furiously having "family time" before our summer ends prematurely. LOL

Saturday night we had an indoor camping set up... we set up the tent in the playroom... ate smoores, and watched a movie.

Yesterday we celebrated a birthday by doing Jay Dees and heading over to the Japanese Steakhouse for dinner.

Net result... way too little sleep and having to work today! 8)