"Not Me!" Monday


So as usual, we had an eventful week and plenty of it warranted a spot on this week's "Not me!" list. In fact, we weren't 12 hours (9 of them sleeping!) past my previous "Not Me!" post when I started my new list. Never a dull moment...

Every now and then, I try and do the dishes. You know, so I don't have to feed the kids off of tupperware lids (which I never do, of course. But it is a great idea, if you know, I neglect to do the dishes, isn't it?) Anyway, I'm quite sure I must have imagined that our living room was suddenly awash in bright streaks of yellow when I looked up from filling the dishwasher one morning. You see, my children know that markers are for coloring on paper. So naturally, Kayden would never take it upon himself to redecorate our living room. And...my boys play together wonderfully all day long, every day, all week long, so it really shouldn't have alerted me when they were so quiet and allowed me to fill an entire dishwasher without having to stop three times to referee a skirmish the likes of which you only see in hockey...

And when I did go into the living room to investigate the bright yellow streaks I could see from the kitchen on the kids' play kitchen, I certainly didn't then find them on the clock, the throw blanket, the couch cushions, the couch pillows, the tv set, the coffee table, the windows, the living room table and chairs, the legos, Cameron's ears and neck, and Kayden's arms and legs from the thighs down.

And I am not still finding yellow-colored items strewn about our downstairs.

And it definitely hasn't taken the better part of a week of nightly baths to remove the yellow from my children's limbs.

Moving on.

No pregnant woman caves into her cravings first thing in the morning and allows herself to have orange juice and oatmeal raisin cookies for breakfast. I know I didn't.

I enjoy making baby gifts. So when I made these adorable burp cloths and taggie blanket three months ago, I was so excited to mail them to Ashley and Patrick when sweet baby Benjamin was born. I lovingly finished them, wrapped them up and found the perfect little box for them to fit in and be mailed. I did not then lose them for two-and-a-half months, thinking I must have mailed the box, only to find it in (the enormous black hole in...) the back of my husband's car last week. Not me! (ps - sorry for the spoiler, Ash, but the box is finally on the way - promise!)

Another fine day this week, I was diligently working upstairs in the boys' room and needed more light. I am an observant, responsible homemaker, so it certainly wasn't me that completely forgot that one evening prior, my husband had relocated the boys' monitor up inside the floor lamp (certainly not because they wouldn't stop using it like a microphone at 2am...), and it wasn't me that didn't see the cord from said monitor dangling right in front of my face, and I know it mustn't have been yours truly that then turned on that floor lamp and left it on until nap time. The reason I quick-as-lightning determined that the lamp should be turned off had nothing to do with the aroma of melting plastic that was pervading the air upstairs, nor the fact that the lamp's light bulb had effectively transformed the monitor into a useless blob. I then did not have to explain to my 3-year-old why I was thanking God that our house did not burn down during our nap time prayers. Nope, not me!


"Not Me!" Monday is an incredibly fun, blogging carnival started by MckMama on her blog, my charming kids. Basically, it's where we all can be brutally honest about the ridiculous things that will inevitably happen in everyday life.

Follow this link to her blog, where you can read hundreds more fun stories about all of the things that she and everyone else didn't do this week. And, if you decide to join in the fun, be sure to leave me a comment so I can read about all of the things you didn't do this week!

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Natalie Morris said...

Hilarous! A sunny part of my week is reading about how my insanity at home is just like everyone elses (or...NOT just like everyone elses :-)) I'm lovin' the encouragement I get :-)