Three Years Old!

Sunday was Kayden's 3rd birthday, and I can hardly believe I've been a mom that long! You know how fast time is going to pass when you see how much they grow in just a few short months after they're born, but it just doesn't prepare you for how quickly it all goes by! I know, I know, wait until he's graduating or getting married - I just can't even imagine right now. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant (although I'm fairly sure that's just a good excuse), but I can hardly think about him going to school in two years without crying.

He is growing so quickly, too. Already, he's a good 40 pounds and 42-43" tall (that's 3 1/2 FEET!!!) I can hardly believe how much he can eat in one sitting - sometimes it's enough to rival even the hungriest adult! His vocabulary is growing by the day; he is constantly surprising us with the words and phrases he picks up. He described something the other day as "incredible" and "extraordinary" (!!!) and not too long ago told his brother to "just CHILL, okay?!" when he was whining about something (can't imagine where he may have picked that up). Too funny. :)


Yogurt with fruit and Cheerios, chicken nuggets, string cheese, most any fruit

WordWorld, VeggieTales, and Curious George

Play kitchen, cars & trucks, dinosaurs & Daddy's old Star Wars toys (at the same time), etch-a-sketch and magnetic letters, wooden blocks and Duplo blocks (big Legos), and bouncy balls, baseballs, footballs, basketballs, soccer balls...(you get the idea).

Books about animals, his rhyming Bible, Noah's Ark, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle.

the PARK! (and anywhere outdoors, really)
Grammy & Ogee's house
Daddy's office at church

(his word for "delicious" - he can say "delicious," he just doesn't like it as much...ha!)


Some photos of Kayden's first three years:

Hello world!
May 3, 2006
8lbs. 7oz./23"

one week old

4 months

7 months
(I'm excited because Mommy is pregnant - she just doesn't know it yet!)

13 months
(Mommy is 7 months pregnant!)

Almost 16 months - meeting my baby brother

18 months

20 months (and 4 months)

26 months

2 1/2 years

Happy 3rd Birthday!
We love you kiddo!

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