"Not Me!" Monday

Hello Friends! Welcome to "Not Me!" Monday! Yes, I realize it is Wednesday. We'll get to that later. Point is, I'd like to start a new blogging tradition of 'fessing up on Mondays and starting the week with a clean slate.

"Not Me!" Monday is an incredibly fun, blogging carnival started by MckMama on her blog, my charming kids. Basically, it's where we all can be brutally honest about the ridiculous things that will inevitably happen in everyday life.

Follow this link to her blog, where you can read hundreds more fun stories about all of the things that she and everyone else didn't do this week. And, if you decide to join in the fun, be sure to leave me a comment so I can read about all of the things you didn't do this week!

Okay, here we go!

First of all, I ought to let you know that the reason I am posting my very first "Not Me!" Monday on Wednesday is not because I am an emotional, hormonal pregnant mess, and spent most of Monday crying over the uncontrollable, chaotic mess that is our home. And Tuesday, I did not pretend as if none of that had ever happened and attend an all-day conference with some of the leadership from our church. Nope, not me. I keep my emotions in complete check at all times.

Now that that's cleared up, I can get started with what happened this week. Our week started with the entire family under allergy attack from the nasty spring pollen count which has been through the roof around here lately. All of us were sniffling, sneezing, full of snot and generally miserable. We were staying at Kyler's parents' house, recovering from a college ministry event we held there the night before. The boys had an extremely restless night, and were hardly eating or drinking at all, what with all of the snot in their stomachs. And Kyler's mom is out of town, and there was not a single appetizing alternative anywhere to be found. Even given these circumstances, I certainly did not allow Cameron to eat his fill of animal crackers for breakfast. Nope, not me! Not only would that be giving in to the whims of my small children, but it would be lazy and an altogether unwholesome way to start their day.

A few days later, while desperately trying to get the boys out of the house for some much needed playtime outside (after endless days of rain around here...), I absolutely did not give up trying to find Cam's matching tennis shoes and put the two nearest mis-matched shoes on his feet just so we could get to the park before the rain started. Then, realizing that the park was visibly loaded with enormous muddy puddles, I did not choose instead to take the boys over to a complete stranger's house, where my husband and a large group of teenagers and adult volunteers were completing a yard work service project. I certainly didn't allow my two toddlers to have complete reign over this person's front and side yards, stomping through unfinished flower beds and throwing weeds and worms while the teens worked. And of course, no mother worth her salt would find a bench in the shade on this person's front porch and park her tired, pregnant body there for half an hour, letting her children run around attended by teenagers with sharp gardening tools. Nope, not me!

The next day, even though I was completely exhausted from the week's events, I did not plop my two adorable children down in front of the 90-minute VeggieTales "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything," so I could have a few stinking moments of quiet. I then did not use that time to blog my little heart out. That would be neglecting important learning time, not to mention selfish, and it would be using the TV to babysit my children, which I most certainly do not do, ever.

Finally, I did not sit down at the computer for two minutes to check my e-mail just before lunch on Saturday, while the boys were playing downstairs. Nope, not me. I supervise my children every waking moment of the day, like any good mother would. In that two minutes, I did not hear my sons exclaiming loudly in the kitchen (which I had not closed off with the gate, like any good mother would...) with full mouths, "Yum, yum, yum, yum....BA-licious!!" I then did not walk into the kitchen to find them chowing down on four slices of whole wheat bread, each. In that two minutes, they had found the kitchen stool, retreived the bag of bread, opened the twisty tie, and gone to town.

And of course, upon discovering this, I certainly didn't provide them each with a sippy of water and allow them to enjoy their lunch of bread. Not me. As stated above, I provide my children with nutritious, well-balanced meals. It must've been someone else's kids.

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Shana Pate said...

Hey. . . at least it was wheat bread, not white! :-)

You make me laugh (and you make me glad to know "it's not just me!"

love ya,