Birthday Cookout

We had such a great time at the birthday cookout for Kyler and Kayden on Sunday! Kyler borrowed a super grill from some of our church friends, proudly adorned the WVU grilling apron given to him by our great friends the Moyers, and went to town on that thing.

Yummy hamburgers!
(yucky mustard...blech!) :)

Happy couple...

It was so nice to spend some time relaxing and visiting with friends that we don't get to hang out with enough, and to see some folks that we only see a few times a year at gatherings like these.

The horseshoe pits were a huge hit with the kids, who used them as sandboxes. Many a castle and mountain were built that afternoon! :)

Cam "borrowed" Tony's sunglasses, and wouldn't take them off. Isn't my son so handsome?

Yay for football!

And friends!


A few pics of Kyler opening his presents from my parents...

An electric razor!
(This thing ought to last the rest of his life...the kid only needs to shave once a week!)

I was very proud of myself for arranging the next present after Kyler saw it (and didn't stop talking about it) during our last trip to Texas...

Yep, it's a hat.
But the very cool thing about this hat is who it belonged to.

My maternal grandfather was friends with President Lyndon B. Johnson. The two corresponded all throughout LBJ's presidency, and the President often sent my grandfather pictures and small tokens of appreciation, such as this hat, which was made especially for him (LBJ).

Pretty cool, eh?

I don't think it fits. :)
(But it does fit Kayden! I'll post a pic of that later.)

As a history/political science major, Kyler is so excited to have such a neat, historical heirloom to pass on to our children.


And a few more cookout pics...

Kayden telling everyone, "I'm THREE!"

My nephew being cute...

And my two own adorable cake faces...
(Despite my best efforts to keep them away, I received many reports that they each had somewhere in the neighborhood of five cupcakes! Ugh...)

Getting a little cheesy (har, har har...) with my sis-in-law.
We are both pregnant at the same time - again! :)

And my two favorite shots (THANK YOU, Melissa!!!)
What a fun day!

Oh my soul! I love them all SO much!

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