NEW Guess-the-Birthdate Contest!

Okay, contest fans, let's try this AGAIN....


You get ANOTHER SHOT at guessing the birth date of our sweet babe! And if you didn't get a chance to join in the fun the first round, now is your chance!

I know. You can hardly contain your excitement. Woo Hoo!

Please cut me some slack. "Nesting" is getting kinda old, and this gives me something to do! (other than thinking about Baby and productive things, of course...)


Read the original contest post and comments here.


I'm officially due tomorrow, August 26th. Considering the size of the children I have (Cam was over 9lbs.) I was seriously convinced that this baby boy would make an early appearance as well. Clearly, in all things, including this, Baby has proven that he does not fall in line with our expectations!) And...I have really had an opportunity to practice what I wrote about here.

Yesterday, my doctor actually told me I have regressed away from labor. That's right. I've gone backwards. Last week, I was 2cm dilated. This week, I was only 1cm dilated. I didn't think that was even possible. Geez.


We've tried everything.



And...YES, there's STILL a prize for the winner! (And yes, I am STILL excited about that!)

Because yes, as a matter of fact, I STILL do think burp cloths, taggie blankets, and nursing covers are pretty darn exciting, thankyouverymuch. Pics of the prizes are below the rules...


Assuming I don't have the baby by 10pm tomorrow...(Clissy's is the only guess left from the first contest...)


These are slightly DIFFERENT, so READ them!

1. I am currently scheduled to be induced on the morning of Thursday, September 3rd, so make your guess for BEFORE 8am on that day.

(Aside: the doc I prefer is actually trying to move that date up to September 1st, but that won't be confirmed until later in the week. SO...if I'm induced on the 1st and that's your guess date, we'll go with your guess times. If you guess after the 1st, and want to change your guess to the 1st if my doc changes the induction date, I'll let you do that. Aren't I nice?!)

2. You may only enter once by commenting on THIS post.

3. Your entry should include both the anticipated birth date and time. (This way, if we have several who guess the same date, we have a legitimate way of choosing a winner. Brilliant, I know.)

4. You must submit your entry no later than Thursday, August 27th, at midnight. And if I have him before then, I WIN!! (Well, actually, I guess the closest guesser wins too.) And well, I guess you will have had to have entered before then...

5. Just for additional fun if you like (and who doesn't love more fun?!), you can also guess his birth weight and length. Maybe, just maybe, I'll throw in a prize for those winners, too. I'm generous like that.


Though they clearly won't help guide your guesses, the big boys' birth stories can be found here and here. Instructions on how to comment are at the very end of the post. Prize info is below. Yay! Happy Guessing!


And while you wait to hear, you can read about our sweet babe's name and pray for him!



Burp cloths...
(In other fabrics, too!)

Taggie blankets...
(in boy-friendly and girl-friendly colors/fabrics...)

As you can see, Cam loves his!

And nursing covers...
(I posted about it here.)

If you don't have a baby, aren't a (relatively) new mommy/daddy (or going to be), or grandmother, or aunt/uncle, or if you don't like babies... (WHAT?!?!)

whatever...if you don't know anyone who you might be able to give these sweet little items to (because who wouldn't love them?), and you don't want to keep them to snuggle with yourself...we'll just have to work something else fun and exciting out.

Like ice cream.
(Locals: Nutter's? How can you turn that down?!)

Or something.


How to Comment:
Commenting is so easy and simple. Right below this post (at the end of this paragraph) is a line that says "Posted by Heather @ 12:13pm" Next to that it says, "## comments" This is a link. Just click on the link, and a new page will come up with a commenting box. Enter your guess in the text box, and "choose an identity" (Name/URL is easiest if you don't have a Google/Open ID account.) If you choose Anonymous, make sure you let me know who you are after your guess! Then, click "Publish Your Comment"! Your comment won't come up right away. After I get your guess in my inbox, I'll publish it for everyone to see. So easy. Give it a try! :)


Shana said...

NEW guess date:

Sunday, August 30, 12:01 p.m. (one minute after noon).

Weight: 9 pounds, 2 ounces

no matter what. . . good luck. sending you ALL prayers!


Jamie White said...

How exciting to get a second chance-- thanks!! I'm still going to be optimistic and say

Monday, August 31
8:40 p.m.
8 lb. 15 oz.

(Sorry to hear about the "setback" with your progress! When I was in labor with Leah they did an amnio-infusion-- basically putting all the amniotic fluid back in. Not exactly my idea of progress. So, I know how you feel when things seem to be going 1 step forward, 2 steps back. This will all be a blur in your memory after sweet Callan arrives.)

Anonymous said...

Dana Epperly guess is aug 28th at 10:35pm

Abbie Flynt said...

Hmmmm....I'm going with Sept 1st at 2:34 in the afternoon. Game on.

Samantha Utterback said...

I guess... Saturday, Aug. 29 @ at 4:37pm.

Little Callan will weigh in at 10lbs, 2oz, 23in. long!

Wishing you a safe and speedy delivery & recovery! :)

samurai said...

I am not really concerened about the prizes... but my guess is going to be... 28-Aug-09 around 3AM EDT.


Hope you get to have some relief soon! lol

Kerri said...

New "due date" guess: Sept. 2 at 3pm.

Weight: 8.5 lb.

Best wishes for you, and hopefully he'll come sooner for you.

Ashley M said...

oh boy!!!

Aug 27th, 4:22pm

9lbs 3ozs

I am having high hopes for this little mans arrival. Start telling yourself now that you're going to have him tonight! :) Praying for you!

Melissa said...

I am guessing Sept 1st at 7pm. Hope he comes sooner for you, though!

Lori Taylor said...

Friday, August 28th at 5:30 p.m. 9.5 lbs. Sending prayers and best wishes!!

kathymiller95 said...

i say it will wait till you are induced on tuesday and he will be born sometime on wed during the opening nite of nutennz
kathy miller

The Thompsons said...

Love your Not Me's...great blog! Just happened to come across it from another blog. Happy Wednesday!

Misty V said...

Friday, August 28
4:05 pm
Weight: 9 lbs 1 oz
Height: 21 3/4

You guys are in my thoughts and prayers! :)
Love you and miss you.

Amanda said...

Here's my new and improved guess! :)

Well, since it is Cam's birth date, and I think he would be a kind enough brother to share, I am going to go with:

Monday, August 31st, 2009
10:00 AM
21 inches
8 lbs., 8 oz. (I figures since he is late, he is going to ease up on the weight for his Mommy--and that you will ideally NOT be induced!)

You are VERY LOVED! Don't ever forget that! :)


Carie Bruss said...

Callan Joseph will be born Monday August 31st, 2:51p.m.

Weight: 9lbs. 6oz.

Amy Hardy said...

Monday August 31st @ 5:12p.m.

Weight 9 lbs 8 ounces 24 inches long

I'll be thinking of you all! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Friday, the 28th at 9:00pm

Good luck!

Michelle Smith

Anonymous said...

im guessing August, 31, 3:00pm
my mom is guessing August 30, 11:30pm

bethany and Nita

Rhonda Donadieu said...

My guess is August 31 at 8:37pm
9 lbs. 7 oz.