Baby Has a Name!


We had a tough go of it this time, for whatever reason. For me in particular, it was really a struggle to settle on the final name choice. Maybe it was the whole K or C name thing, with all of the /k/ sounds (Kyler, Kayden, Cameron...) But, I considered dozens of others first, and nothing seemed to fit quite right like this one did. Who knows.

We liked having another "un" ending (Kayden, Cameron, etc.). And wanted him to have a Biblical middle name, like his brothers.

So, it's decided. Our third son will be named...

Callan Joseph

Depending on your source, it has several meanings:

The German origin means "to chatter." Ha! Who knows, maybe he'll have well over 100 words by his 18-month birthday, like his big brother Kayden.

The Gaelic origin means "powerful in battle" or "like a warrior."

And I've even run across a meanings/origins site that linked his name with a verse in Isaiah:

17 But in that coming day
no weapon turned against you will succeed.
You will silence every voice
raised up to accuse you.
Isaiah 54:17

Pretty cool, I think.

Joseph is after the Old Testament Joseph. (Not Joseph as in Mary and Joseph.)

Yay! We're so excited about welcoming him! The boys are too. Kayden has really enjoyed telling his grandparents and other family the name. Funny thing, though. He's alarmed both sets of grandparents and his aunt when he told them, because he says, "My baby brother is Callan!" which actually comes out sounding like, "My baby brother is coming!" It's pretty darn cute.

So there you go. I hope your curiosity is satiated, and I'm looking forward to publishing new photos of our precious babe just as soon as he arrives!

Feel free to leave as many comments about our
fantastic name choice as you like! :)

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LOVE the name!!!!!