One Thousand Gifts

You can read about my decision to begin to count my blessings, at least intentionally and purposefully, here. And by all means, please join in the fun! Leave a comment about the gifts, however large or small, you have received this week.

#1-17 here, and #18-39 here.


I am grateful...

40. for answered prayer and peace that passes understanding.

41. for husbands who, without saying a word in protest, immediately put off leaving for work to help with vomiting children.

42. rubber gloves, washing machines, bathtubs, and handheld shower heads (see above)

43. Lysol. The spray, the bathroom cleaner, the wipes...

44. extra sets of sheets and pillowcases

45. digital cameras - not in any way related to #41-44, just to be clear. :)
46. my in-laws. goodness knows I'd be completely lost right now without them!

47. blogging. I haven't had nearly the opportunity since our house flooded, and I miss it.

48. two-and-a-half feet of snow! 

49. snow days with my husband and children

50. shoveling snow - the exercise was very much needed and appreciated 

51. triple naps. Ummm...make that quadruple naps.

52. finding extra cell phone charger in the guest bedroom at my in-laws (after the only one I owned was damaged in the flood, and my cell phone died)

53. clean towels

54. extra sleep

55. hot showers. this will likely be a regular on these lists. So therapeutic!
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