One Thousand Gifts

I am totally loving this gratitude blogging! It's such a stream-of-consciousness type thing, and I love the way such a random assortment of things I love and am grateful for just continuously pop into my head as I type. And making mental and written notes of God's tiniest whispers of love for me as they occur each day are already revolutionizing my outlook, even on not-so-great days. For example, we spent all day at church. Services this morning, financial seminars this afternoon. We were at Kyler's parents' house when our neighbors tracked us down to let us know they heard a water leak in our house, and we returned home in a hurry to find our entire first floor covered in about an inch of water. Our response? We laughed. Seriously, we did. It really is an answer to prayer, though defnitely not so much the way we would have planned it out. Ha! I really am looking forward to seeing how God works this for good. I'm sure I'll be frustrated, irritated, and despondent at times down the road, but for now I'll focus on being grateful.

I am grateful...

#1-17 here.
18. for toddler kisses and giggles 

19. for my church community - we are so supported and loved!

20. for singing on the worship team

21. for people who regularly ask me how we're doing and tell us they are praying for us specifically. Wow.

22. for answered prayer, particularly when they aren't answered in the way I expect. This helps me see just how limited my vision and my "plan" for my life truly are. So grateful for a God who sees the whole picture.

23. wet/dry vacs - that work

24. in-laws who live close and greet us with open arms when our entire brood decends in the middle of the night after discovering our entire first floor has been flooded with water.

25. for flooded first floors, that in their own blunt way make it so much easier to decide what we need to get rid of!

26. for a husband who works tirelessly in all things

27. for emergency water cut-off valves that my father-in-law helped install in our house

28. for neighbors who don't have your cell number, but track you down through church and in-laws anyway, to let you know your house is flooding.

29. for friends named Robert, who drop everything to come help mop up the water through the middle of the night.

30. for digital cameras, that take quick pics of water damage

31. for parents' advice and sympathy

32. for babes that - every once in awhile - go to sleep before midnight

33. for crunchy cheetos during financial seminars at church. :)

34. for snow plows going by just before we have to climb the monstrous icy hill just outside our house

35. for brand new tires, just before a decent snowstorm!

36. for bubble baths, hot tea, and Norah Jones.

37. for Facebook friends

38. for sweet little boys who call my name and need my hugs and kisses after bad dreams in the middle of the night.

39. for a warm bed and soft pillows to fall into after a trying evening...


Head on over to Ann's blog, Holy Experience, to read how her gift counting began and visit her Gratitude Community. You can read about my decision to begin to count my blessings, at least intentionally and purposefully, here. And by all means, please join in the fun! Leave a comment about the gifts, however large or small, you have received this week.

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