Erin's Wedding Day!

Wedding morning was a blur of activity.  Kyler fixed breakfast for the bridal party while we hopped around back and forth between the hair and make-up people, who had come to the house around 7am. We had all kinds of fun getting pampered and all gussied up. In fact, while she was doing my hair, the hairdresser was kind enough to point out that I have several gray hairs sprouting on the back of my head. With three boys who are 4yrs and under? No way?! There's no stress here. Way to make a girl feel gorgeous, by the way, ha! Anyway.

Erin's dress was gorgeous, and it looked even more gorgeous on her. I totally had wedding dress envy.

The bride was pampered head to toe, as well she should be on her wedding day.

I think Helen very well may kill me for posting this picture, but I figure my odds are pretty good, since she'd have to cross an ocean first. And besides, I know she'll totally forgive me when she sees the darling pictures of her little girl (and the amazing pics of them together) that I posted later.

Isn't Erin's Mum just gorgeous in her black and red? 

See what I mean? She looked absolutely stunning.

We were fortunate to have hosted Erin's Mum and Grandma in the States a few years ago, when they came over to see Washington, DC and the surrounding area. On our trip, I was so glad for the chance to finally meet Erin's Dad and brother Jeremy. I've heard so much about them, and her Dad and I have e-mailed back and forth about gifts for Erin and spoken over the phone, but had never met in person.

The timing of Erin's wedding was pretty remarkable. We had actually met nearly 10 years ago to the day before the day she and Phil were married. Pretty amazing, I think. Then again, so is any international friendship.

The cars arrive at Erin's apartment to pick us up...

...and Sarah posed for a pic with the drivers 
(just before the creepy neighbor next door also took a picture...)

Phil waits for his bride to come down the aisle...

...and waves at her.

Just kidding. 
Luckily, he's actually waving at beautiful little Jo, 
Erin's goddaughter and niece, and also the adorable flower girl.

Worship, just as the ceremony begins. 

Helen and her darling Jo.

Hooray for Erin and Phil!!

Arriving in style at The Paris Cat, a hip little jazz club in downtown Melbourne. Really snazzy spot for a reception.

Vintage Erin. I should do this one in black-and-white.

Our driver was also a photographer, and he snapped this shot while everyone was milling around before we did our entry into the reception. Isn't it fantastic?!

Yay for Erin and Phil! 

Congratulations, friends. We couldn't be happier for you!

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