More Melbourne, And Some Football

A post that is alternately titled:
"The rest of my pictures of Melbourne, but mostly all about Australian Rules Football"

And subtitled:
"...with one stinkin' humongous video that Kyler took at an AFL game, which Heather didn't go to because she was doing girly stuff with Erin and the other bridesmaids"

Ok! What day am I up to now? Friday? Right. Friday was fun! A little hectic, because it was wedding rehearsal day. We did some more shopping for wedding odds and ends, and ran across these fun guys. I've made the images super-huge not because I love Woody and Buzz (but I do), but so you can see that they are constructed out of Legos. Pretty neat. Our kids loved them (which is why we took the photos; we're pretty awesome parents like that).

One of the humongous shopping malls in Melbourne was actually built up around a historic building. The Shot Tower used to be where they dropped molten led down a very long shaft and poured it into molds to make bullets, hence it's name. Here it is:

And here are lovely Erin and her lovely Mum.

Oh...whoops! I almost forgot Thursday!!! While we were in Melbourne, I am pleased to announce that I attended my very first high tea. Hooray! I was almost an hour late after accidentally sleeping in (jet lag is a very real thing, people), but hey....details.

And now, the footy game. While we all had our girls' night, Kyler went out with some of the guys to what was supposed to be an outstanding Aussie Rules football game. He says it was pretty good, and it only took him about half the game to figure out what was actually going on.

The football stadium...

And the footy game...

This game is hilarious to me. From my (totally ignorant of any rules of the game) perspective, it just looks like a bunch of men in short shorts running around after a funny-looking ball that they (seemingly) indiscriminately proceed to kick, throw, and bounce whenever it strikes their fancy. I think my favorite part of the whole clip is when the ball goes out of bounds, so the ref (in yellow) picks it up, turns around, and chunks the thing backwards over his head into the field of play. What the.....?!?!?!? Hahahahahaha. :) I know, American sports probably don't make a whole lotta sense to a foreigner either. Boys and their games. Sheesh. 

Enjoy the clip!

And two of the silly girls I was hanging out with while Kyler went to the game. Pre-wedding delirium had definitely set in by this point. My next post will be all about the wedding....looking forward to sharing it with you!

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