17 Weeks

I'm 17 weeks pregnant today! Each week I feel a little less nauseous, but overall, this has been a really tough four months. I'm sure that's at least in part because I spent the first three months teaching in someone else's classroom, taking two grad classes, and juggling every other part of our "normal" lives. However, even though the nausea has been pretty much the same, it has been more intense.

For example, I never throw up, ever. I just don't. I did some reading on this at some point during my pregnancy with Kayden and learned that everyone has a "nausea center" in their brain, and everyone's is a little different, causing everyone to deal with nausea differently. Before this pregnancy, I seriously cannot remember the last time I puked. Don't call me "lucky" just yet. With this pregnancy, I haven't puked a ton, but it hasn't been an out of the ordinary thing. In fact, it's been going on since the very beginning. And I've spent an inordinate amount of time dry-heaving. You know, that lovely gagging-vomit-reflex except with no puke. (And hence, no relief - if even for a moment - afterwards.) This has gone on for 17 weeks. Blech.

Okay - pity party over. I am hopeful! :) I haven't felt nauseous (yet) today! Yipppeee! I've been waiting for that magic day when the nausea just "turns off" like it did with both of the boys. Won't that be a wonderful thing! I like to try and tell myself that this has all been more complicated and intense because I'm having a girl. Kyler and I have both been getting this "girl vibe," but I really can't help thinking that's just because eventually, we'd really like a girl to add to our little brood.

It really amazes me how much of this pregnancy the boys are comprehending. Of course, Kayden is older (and had a crash course beginning when he was only 7 months old...) but Cameron is really starting to catch on as well. He mostly pats (okay, whacks) my stomach and says "baby, baby..." and every now and again will kiss my belly. But Kayden, this kid's comprehension is just incredible. Seriously. I know I'm his mom, and therefore obligated to moon over my child - especially my first born - and talk about how brilliant he is, but really, he is. :)

These days he is analyzing and synthesizing information faster than we can feed it to him. Yesterday, I ended up having to reschedule an OB appointment and had to take the boys with me (a task I found daunting even in the best of circumstances). It was also during naptime, which made me even more wary. But they both behaved brilliantly, and I was so thankful! After the nurse called us back, and we did the normal weight, blood pressure, pee-in-a-cup routine, she left and closed the door. Mind you, I had prepped the boys for the visit, but hadn't said much since we had arrived. Kayden looks at me and says, "That was the nurse, Mommy. Now we have to wait for the doctor to come in and check the baby in your tummy, right?"

I was impressed, but then, he's my brilliant two-year-old. The doctor came in and the boys got to hear the baby's heartbeat, which was nice and strong, and always gives me such peace to hear. I got the scrip for an ultrasound, but we haven't scheduled it yet. It's looking like we may go the week before or after Easter. Still haven't decided whether we'll find out the gender. My mom says, "Well, of course you will!" We'll see. Kyler will probably convince me, but I still think the surprise would be nice this time around.

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