Feeling Better, Feeling Worse

Weeellll, I'm not feeling so hot today. Neither is Callan. In fact, I wish I were a baby right now (and if you ask my husband, he'd probably tell you I have been acting like one, but anyway). Babies have this great way of expressing, unhindered, exactly how they feel. And Callan has captured - for both of us - the past 24 hours. In a nutshell, we feel a bit like this:

Yep, that about covers it. Yesterday, my eye was a little goopy when I woke up. No biggie, I thought. By the end of the school day, it was just about swollen shut and totally stickified. Really gross. And by the time I had driven home (pirate-eyed, mind you) I had a splitting headache, sore throat, and I was totally out of it. So basically, not fun.

Sleep has helped. My awesome husband took the reins and let me sleep, sleep, sleep. I took a two-hour nap when I got home yesterday, slept twelve hours last night, and another three this afternoon. And I'm feeling better. Definitely not 100%. But my eye has progressed from being swollen shut to just looking like I got into a bar fight. Amazing what happens when you actually listen to your body and give it the rest it needs.

On a happy note, the big boys are definitely feeling better. Two nights ago, they were feeling well enough that they were begging to go outside just before bed and help Grammy water the plants. They were already in pajamas, but we figured they'd only be out for a few minutes. When I first checked on them, they were doing a great job helping Grammy and enjoying a little time outdoors:

Not two minutes later, Grammy and I had clearly turned our backs for one minute too long...

and it was a sprinkler dance party!!!

Oh my word. I love my boys. Clearly, they are feeling better. And no, I do not make much of an effort to ensure they wear matching pajamas to bed. If they're clean, they qualify.

And so, five minutes outdoors before bedtime turned into a thirty-minute free-for-all in the sprinkler!

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