Be advised, this is totally one of those posts where I recount the minutia of my day. But I'm rejoicing in the little things, because for the past four months I would have found much of this next to impossible to accomplish, especially all in one day. As things have started to improve with Callan, I'm beginning to realize just how debilitating the past few months have been. So hooray for victories, no matter how small! Here we go...


I slept in...because the boys did too.

I unloaded, reloaded, and washed dishes in the dishwasher. Twice!

I called the Virginia Department of Education and navigated a ridiculously complicated call-routing maze about renewing my teaching license. And I managed to talk with an actual person.

I washed a heck of a lot of produce, cut it up, and made six enormous salads, while the boys "helped," (aka: ate all of the cherry tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers I put aside for my lunch).

I shrugged and decided I didn't care if the boys ate my lunch...they were eating vegetables.

Amazingly, I got all three dudes down for a nap at the same time.

I was motivated to run for awhile on our recently-acquired, old-as-the-dinosaurs-but-praise-the-Lord-it-was-free, odd-smelling and funny-noise-making, enormous-and-sitting-in-the-middle-of-our-already-stuffed-to-the-hilt-living-room-because-there-is-nowhere-else-to-put-it treadmill. Go, me!

I called the public school system where I formerly worked...and a person answered. I talked to her, and actually got the answers to my questions. Granted, there's another step involved, but I did not hang up completely frustrated. Woohoo!

I took a shower. And dried my hair. Yes, totally worth mentioning.

I returned a phone call about taking a position as a long-term sub sometime after Easter.

I laughed at the UPS man when he called to ask me for the code to the gate in my grandfather's development so he could deliver the package I sent him. And then I remembered it. I applauded myself for having an awesome memory despite the fact that raising three small children has depleted my memory stores for all but what is needed for the most basic day-to-day tasks. Like eating. Go, me!

I woke the boys up from their nap at 4:30pm, got them dressed, bathroom-ed, changed, bundled, and loaded in the car (along with dinner for myself and my husband), got them to their Grammy's house 25 minutes away and unloaded, drove to church, delivered dinner, and got to my 5:30pm meeting at church. And I was only twelve minutes late. Amazing.

I sat through a 3+ hour meeting at church. And I contributed meaningfully.

I drove back to my in-laws' to pick up the boys. I laughed at Cam, who has begun to hate the cold with a vehement passion, taking one step out the door and then going stiff-as-a-board, refusing to go any further. I swept him up in my arms and into his car seat, his head and hands burrowed in my coat.

I got the boys home and with the help of my husband, through their bedtime routine and into bed.

And now...we calm a fussy baby and snuggle up for the rest of a movie we started last night. Maybe we'll get to bed by 2am??

It was a productive day. Hooray!

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