Potty Training

You know those moms and dads who write into Parents magazine and other parenting publications and web sites, positively dripping with pride through their "my-kid-potty-trained-himself-at-only 12-months-old-and-in-only-three-days-with-zero-accidents" success stories?

Yeah. This is not one of those stories. And in case you hadn't picked up on it, I'm a little bitter.

We hit the potty training hard again when we went to Texas. Many thanks to my Mom, who provided the much-appreciated extra pair of eyes, ears, and hands that are almost necessary to ensure Kayden's success.

For awhile, it all seemed to be working...while in Texas, we went out to eat with Paw Paw and Nana. At the end of the meal, I took Kayden to the restroom with me. After he had finished, I took a turn, and he instantly erupted in (LOUD) clapping and cheers of "YAY FOR MOMMY! You went PEE PEE in the POTTY!!! GOOD JOB!" So the modeling is there. The positive reinforcement is there. He gets that it is a good thing and recognizes when it happens.

In case you are wondering, I did resort to bribes. Stickers and Curious George fruit snacks, at one point, seemed to be working their magic in my toddler, who was previously potty-phobic. (And just for the record, I did create a sticker chart and offer Kayden treats for using the potty at home. They just weren't Omie's stickers and fruit snacks. Go figure.)

He still isn't telling me when he has to go; so far, it's been a matter of catching him before he goes. And you know, doesn't that really make me the one who is potty trained? (I mean, clearly I am potty trained, but doesn't that mean I'm the one trained to get him to the toilet before he goes, not him?) I'm just sayin'.....

Sigh. I know he'll get there, when he's ready. I'm not so foolish to think I can force, trick, or bribe my son into using the toilet on his own. But I could use a little Mommy encouragement. It just seems like a never-ending three-steps-forward, two-steps-back sort of deal at this point. And I'm a tired, very pregnant Mommy who really doesn't want three kids in diapers/training pants. So for all of you seasoned potty-training veterans, please do comment with any little tips, tricks, or motivating words.

Just don't tell me your kid potty trained himself at only 12-months-old and in only three days with zero accidents. :)


Sandy Gretzkowski said...

I love your blog!!

Just a thought--When Diana was potty training, she was doing fine and then backtracked. A wise older woman at my church suggested taking the potty seat off the toilet and putting on the little "potty". Wanting to think I was much smarter, and to show her she was not that wise, I did what she said. It worked like a charm. Diana just wanted to see the poop in the little potty and then dump it in the toilet. Go figure... It worked, and she was trained within days.

carla said...

Hi! I'm Carla. Karen Heslop's daughter-in-law. My daughter was born March 2006 and we are working on 6 months of potty training. I tried all the tricks and gimmicks. When we started I had a basket of wrapped dollar store prizes and it really didn't work. I've decided that there are certain things you can't MAKE your child do.....eat, sleep (she is skipping a nap today grrrr...), and potty. She is now consistently going during the day--on her own terms. If I ask she always says No, but when she initiates she sits down and goes immediately. She still wears pull-ups for nap and at night. She only poops in the pull-ups and she is almost always wet when she wakes up. Seriously, this is the progress I've made in 6 months. At least I'm not having accidents anymore. I was one of those Mom who thought I was going to do it in a week. My advice is to just back off, put pull ups on him and let him initiate. I was only driving myself crazy before I did that! I hear you though, not wanting 3 in diapers. Hang in there!