Wondering How To...

...leave emotional scars on your children that will last for years to come in just under an hour?

Just give them a haircut...yourself.

Kayden did just fine, but I think my ears are still ringing from Cam's screaming. So if next Easter rolls around and you begin to wonder, "when-are-they-ever-going-to-cut-that-poor-child's-hair-he's-beginning-to-look-like-an-Ewok..." the answer is...maybe when he turns five. Because really, it's just not worth the emotional trauma I had to endure. I bawled because Kayden's beautiful curls were gone. And besides, wrestling a screaming, writhing, fists-flying 23-month-old while I myself am eight months pregnant is not exactly on my top-ten list of fun things to do.

When it was all over, we all looked like a small, blonde-haired furrball had exploded in our living room. Cam and I were both stripped to our skivvies, and had 3-inch chunks of hair covering most of our torsos (which on a pregnant belly looked pretty darn funny...)
And poor Cam's face was covered in hair that had stuck and matted, what with all of the waterworks.

Our boys have never had a "professional" hair cut. Either Kyler or I (or both of us) have always just cut their hair ourselves. It's not too terribly difficult, it saves quite a bit of money, and they are only toddlers. We're not planning on doing this until they're in middle school.

Granted, they aren't gorgeous. No fading, shaping or fancy stuff. Just shorter. It's not like we used a bowl (unlike both of our mothers, apparently...)

But I don't think they turned out too awful. And the guys seem pretty happy about them now. You be the judge...

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