MORE Creatures Great and Small

There were so many more new things for the boys to discover when we arrived on Cape Cod! They had a blast on the beach and in the sun, adding a whole host of critters to their travel logs.

And of course, we have pictures to share of our new little "friends":

Boring ones first. Cam was fascinated by seagulls.

And...a fly.
It's a green-head. These little dudes bite. And it HURTS.
Bad news bears.

Hermit crabs...

And a big horseshoe crab. Kayden didn't even hesitate when Dad picked it up for him to "pet."

For some reason, everyone seems to hate these little guys.
I don't get it.
Maybe it's because I don't have a garden
for them to get into and dig up.

And...a flying squirrel!
Grampa took the boys on a tour of birdhouses,
knocking on them to "see if anyone was home,"
and this little guy was living in one of them!
The boys insisted on visiting him every day
for the rest of our vacation.

And, just in case you missed it, you can read the Texas "Creatures" post here.

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