Today, I'm doing the very-pregnant-woman-traveling-alone-with-two-toddlers-two-car-seats-two-carry-ons-and-a-whole-bunch-of-other-junk thing again. We're flying from Texas to Providence, RI, where Kyler will pick us up after driving from home. Then, we'll all continue on to Cape Cod for our family vacation. Kyler's grandparents live on the Cape, and we were engaged there, so it's a place we all love and look forward to going every summer.

Kyler's bringing his laptop, but there's no telling whether I'll have an opportunity to hijack Wi-Fi and blog. But...considering how much I missed not being able to blog regularly in Texas, we'll see.

The boys and I have to survive the flights first. 3 hours to Orlando, 3 hours to Providence, no deboarding. Prayers needed!

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