Not That Pregnant

So lately, I've started getting uncomfortable. Just pregnancy growing pains, but episodes of discomfort that last longer than 30 minutes. More like half-days (and I admit, full days) I'm starting to feel "off" and that makes me cranky. But leave it to your mom to set things straight. Ah, moms....God bless 'em. The other day I laid back in the recliner in my parents' living room after a particularly difficult bedtime go-round with the boys, and just groaned. Mom asked what was wrong, and I simply stated, "I'm just getting big and pregnant and uncomfortable, that's all." After which my loving mother informs me:

You're not that pregnant.

Oh, well, thanks for that. My body begs to differ, thankyouverymuch. Ugh. I am fully aware I am only 3/4 of the way to the finish line, and I've got ten weeks left of growing to do. And if this pregnancy is like the first two (which it has proven it is not, but that is beside the point...) I have still got some major growing to do. :/ But what I'm really curious about is...when do I qualify as that pregnant? And more importantly, what kinda perks will it get me? :)

It does make me incredibly happy to know my little man is healthy and growing away, something we weren't so sure about just a few weeks ago. For that, of course I am grateful. But I'm also not perfect, and I need to whine every once in awhile. Sometimes twice or three times helps, too. And I'm okay with that; it won't get out of hand, I promise.

So, here I'll sit, happily contented with not that pregnant. Ten more weeks, here we come! I'll think about posting some pregnant pics soon.

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