Wet 'N' Wild

As many of you know, the kids and I are down in Texas for two weeks, visiting with my parents, extended family, and friends. We are having a marvelous time, and although the weather is super hot, we've managed to stay quite cool with all of the great water toys Omie has for us to play with. Swimming pools, water tables, sprinklers, water toys, and water hoses...what more could a kid ask for, really? Well, maybe unlimited play time. I've so enjoyed watching the boys revel in all of the outdoor play time and learn to love water. And how can I resist taking pictures of them, when they're having such a fabulous time?

Watering Omie's plants (and the stones, and sidewalk, and porch swing, and...)

Playing with the water/sand table (minus the sand...)

Experimenting with water...

Exploring the wet yard...

Swimming, running, splashing...

Life is good.

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