I Hate Gnats

I have a love/hate relationship with gnats. They love me, and I hate them. And so far this spring and summer, they are really getting the better end of this one-sided deal. Every time I set foot outside the house or the car to get some fresh air, it is literally a matter of minutes before the swarm finds me.

Don't get me wrong. I love the outdoors, and I realize a certain number of irritating bugs comes along with being outside. I can deal with a reasonable amount of bugs, but this is getting ridiculous. I've long been considered bug repellant for those hanging around me outside: the bugs always find me, and leave everyone else alone. Seriously, Kyler doesn't have to use bug spray when I'm around. When I was growing up, I probably looked like I had a perpetual case of the chicken pox, I was covered in so much pink Caladryl.

It probably wouldn't be such an issue if they didn't just ruin a beautiful day outside. I mean really, who wants to take a deep breath of fresh air only to spit out a nose and mouthful of gnats? Blech. Cars fans, (oh yes, I have two toddlers in love with Lightning McQueen...) it reminds me of that scene where Sally and Lightning go out for a drive, and he drives right into that swarm of bugs - and gets them all over his teeth. Blech again. It doesn't seem to matter whether I use bug repellant or not; they just love me that much. I've tried all of the "tricks," including holding my hand/arm up over my head so they fly to the highest point...no luck. I took a walk this weekend at the women's retreat during some free time, and it was wonderfully refreshing...as long as I didn't sit down or stop moving (which at nearly 7 months pregnant and walking on a mountain, is kind of challenging...). When I did, it took another five minutes of brisk walking and a kickin' breeze to quell the onslaught. Eeerrrrgh. Gnats, consider this my declaration of a personal vendetta against you. You ruin my play time outside.

Thanks for humoring that; I needed to vent. And, the main reason I felt compelled to vent my frustration publically: if you happen to know of any foolproof repellant ideas (especially natural ones), please send them my way!

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Rachel said...

Try carrying a dryer sheet. I know tying some teachers have had success with one clipped to their lanyards at recess. We use Bounce at school, but I have heard it works with any brand. Good Luck :-)