Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'

Oh, what a beautiful day! I've got a beautiful feeeeeelin'......

Really, it was gorgeous in Texas when we woke up this morning. After a solid week of 100*F temperatures, only 80*F at 11am was a blessed respite, and we took full advantage! The boys and I had the house to ourselves, since Mom and Dad were still at the Austin Heart Hospital waiting to hear from doctors on whether or not Dad could be discharged today (he was, more on Dad later...)

So, we went out for some frolicking in the sunshine and grand exploration of Omie and Opa's backyard. There was an incredible breeze blowing, partly cloudy skies, plenty of toys to play with and critters a-crawlin' around everywhere just waiting to be discovered. We had so much fun.

I just LOVE my parents' backyard.

So do the boys. Mommy lets them explore pretty much wherever they want, and with no yard of their own at home, that is a grand luxury! Here's Kayden, looking for treasures, rake and bucket in tow.

Cam was singing to the plants in the backyard. After all, that is how Dicken makes them grow in The Secret Garden!

Boys went exploring and played with balls in the yard. I enjoyed the porch and the breeze. Ahhhh...

Cam took a breather and enjoyed the porch (and his cars) with me for awhile.

And...we found The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Kayden has this book memorized, so this was a very momentous discovery, and he proceeded to tell me about all of the things this little guy had likely eaten that day (apples, plums, ice cream, salami, swiss cheese, watermelon...)

I don't think he was terribly thrilled having us all tromping around after him, but the boys were beside themselves.

We can't wait to get out there again - bring on the sunshine and beautiful weather!

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