Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

Last night, our fam joined a nice crew of young adults from Covenant for a night of watching America's favorite past time. We headed up to Hagerstown to watch the Suns (minor league - feeds into the Orioles and Nationals) play the second game of a double-header series.

Our tix included souvenir hats, great seats, and all-you-can-eat dinner and sodas, so we enjoyed a little family picnic while the game was getting started.

Hot dogs....YUM!

So handsome!

Kayden really got into the game. He cheered for the batters and runners, and shouted for the outfielders to "CATCH THE BALL!!!!" He was also pretty amazed at the giant hole left in the back windshield of a car (from a fly ball) after the game. :)

Covenant young adult crew...

Cam liked watching the game too, but also enjoyed running back and forth to Mom for bites of hot dog, playing with the gravel in front of our seats (front row, at first base), and unfortunately, the peanut he found on the ground and ate... :/

When we were walking back to our car, Kayden was holding my hand, and he pulled on it and said, "Thanks, Mommy! We had such a good time, didn't we?"

Can't beat that. :)

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