All Creatures Great and Small

Our boys love finding critters and creatures. Miniscule or monstrous, they never tire of pointing out and identifying all the wondrous living things around them. We search for and hear about deer, dogs, birds, and bugs all day long. Our time in Texas and Cape Cod has only intensified this fascination, as there have been a whole host of (as yet unknown to them) creatures to examine from near and far. Some of our more interesting finds have included:

A rather large (and probably very hungry) caterpillar

Many different “Lizzies” in varying sizes and colors

Butterflies and very large moths

A baby martin, just hatched and learning to fly...

And of course, the occasional plastic snake and dinosaur.

I mean, who doesn’t keep your garden variety T-Rex around to discourage “varmints” from moving into the neighborhood?

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