Frozen Skywater

About a week ago, it snowed here. A lot. Thanks to their new obsession, "The Land Before Time," and dino-mania, the boys began shrieking, "frozen skywater! yay! yay! yay!"

When it was all said and done, we had around 20 inches. Crazy! I love snow...guess that's a by-product of growing up in Texas, where we had no snow. (Until now, apparently. Some of my friends are bragging about having a "White Christmas!")

Anyway, we had a blast getting the boys out in the snow to play! Callan (very considerately) napped while we took them outside. We had so much fun! Enjoy the pics!

Right out the front door



Kyler just so happened to have his father's truck the evening of the snowstorm, and it made a great "snow box" for the boys to play in! I threw in a couple of sand box buckets, scoops, and shovels, and they were happy as little clams (and so cute, too!)

One of Cam's favorite parts about being out in the snow was the measuring. He carried around a (broken) yardstick nearly the entire time, testing the depth of the snow at every step.





Kayden enjoyed tasting the snow, which involved many deliberate face plants. Pretty hilarious to watch!





While we played, Daddy shoveled.

Cam wanted to help, too. He was adorable.





We can't wait for the next storm. Heads up!


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