Walks in Parks

Lately, we've been battling allergies. Lots and lots of allergies. Let me tell you, caring for three young, coughing, runny-nosed, feverish children is no walk in the park. Quite the opposite, actually.

Last I had the opportunity (which wasn't too long ago), walks in parks were lovely, relaxing, and altogether very enjoyable. They did not include tissue boxes or Children's Tylenol, antibiotics or antihistamines, ear infections, saline spray, or "nose suckers" (otherwise known as bulb syringes). As a matter of fact, I think those things are a cruel parental torture device. I can torture my poor baby and myself at the same time!


I am trying to be joyful. It's hard not to be grumpy when I am overwhelmed by the mundane tasks of motherhood. I'm reminded to revisit this post, where I found so much encouragement to invite the Glorious into the mundane. And of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't have another look at the book of James and the words I wrote in this post.

A swift kick in the pants and a new perspective probably wouldn't hurt, either. I'm not so foolish to think there aren't millions of other people with more challenging circumstances. I am still trying. I just do much better some days than others.

So, while walks in parks are beautiful, invigorating, and fun, and this week with my coughing, sneezing, whining, crying, snot-blowing, feverish children has been, well....NOT....

I will be joyful.

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