Last weekend, we enjoyed the showers.

Both of them.

The snow shower started around 9am.

I just love falling snow in all its delicate beauty.

The baby shower
(for my sister-in-law and her newborn daughter)
began at 1pm.


In between the two, there was a lot going on.


There was baking,
(the recipe for these Red-Velvet Raspberry Squares is here)

cheesecake thawing,

balloon filling,

 table arranging,

and rearranging,

piano playing,

coffee and tea brewing,

pretend singing,

fruit plattering (plating?)

ravenous small child wrangling,
(see Cam looking to see if I'm watching?
This is undoubtedly before he launched a fist
onto that platter of fruit...)


beanbag chilling,
(or rather, chilling in beanbags...for all of about three minutes)

and running around like headless chickens.


Once the shower began, we had a delightful time.
There was lots of laughing, baby-story sharing, and gift opening.


There was visiting with friends,


baby passing,


and of course, there was lots of picture taking.


 All in all, I'd say it was a success.

Even MaryJane gave me two thumbs up.

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