Our worship team at church is working on raising $3000 to support the building of a well through Blood:Water Mission. To help raise funds to donate, we've recorded a CD. Our amazing worship pastor donated all of the studio time, as well as the ka-jillion hours he spent mixing/mastering the thing. (Plus, he wrote the last song, and I really like it.) As of now, our initial 200 copies have already sold or been reserved; what a huge praise! We've ordered another 100, and are hoping to sell those and earn more to donate.

Recording my parts for this CD was a little adventure. Since Kyler was out of town on a "Wilderness Weekend" camping trip with the teen guys from church, our worship team pastor's wife graciously offered to watch the big boys while I recorded in their home studio. Oddly enough, recording has never been a simple thing for me. If you've read Cameron's birth story, you know that I recorded parts of our last worship team CD while I was in (what turned out to be) the early stages of labor. Singing and having contractions was...interesting, but the songs turned out well, all things considered.

This time around, the baby was in my arms, not in my belly. It was a little comical, trying to sing and bounce Callan in my arms to keep him quiet long enough to record parts and pieces of a track. Never a dull moment with these kiddos.

To my knowledge, Blogger won't let me upload and embed an audio track in a blog post, so I threw together a little video and posted it on YouTube so I could share my contribution to the CD with you. I included some pertinent information and photos from the blood:water mission website about providing water in sub-Saharan Africa and the work they are doing there.

The song I recorded is one of my favorites: "Beauty of the Lord" (Desperation Band, 2004). I blogged about part of it here. Please afford me a little grace with the video; I'm not terribly video savvy, and I definitely don't have the cutting edge programs for this sort of thing. Hope you enjoy it anyway! I'll be sure to update you on how we do with our worship team's goal to raise enough to build a well and change lives across the world.

(Don't forget, you'll need to pause the audio playlist at the top of the blog before you play the video.)

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