Blog Award?!?!

I've been a little absent from my blog lately. Maybe somebody noticed? There's just been so, so much going on. Undoubtedly, this introvert would have liked to have retreated back into my blog in the midst of all of this chaos, but I chose instead to ignore the blogging and focus on the other stuff.

I'm glad I did.

So, what's been going on?

- our house flooded (one of my last blogs, here)
- we moved in with Kyler's parents.
- I started counting my blessings.
- we got 6 inches of snow.
- we got 30 more inches of snow.
- we got 14 more inches of snow.
- we drove to Texas, and the kids and I stayed three weeks.
- we drove back from Texas.
- we saw the St. Louis Arch and the New River Gorge Bridge.
- we celebrated Easter.
- The boys and I finally went to the grocery store (compelling, isn't it?)


I got a blog award!!!!

No, really, I did. This one:

Yay for me! I know it's not a huge award that thousands of people will know about, but it means that someone enjoys reading my ramblings, and that's a huge thing for me. Thank you to Lisa at Chaos Appreciation for nominating me. The "rules" say I now need to share several interesting things about myself. Well. I'm not sure that there's anything terribly mind-blowing I can share, but here goes:

- Thinking of interesting things about myself is exceedingly difficult because I struggle with huge self-esteem issues. Not really an interesting fact, I know, but I've been sitting here for fifteen minutes and I've come up with two things. Ugh.

- My brain has a hard time deciding which side is dominant. I'm right handed, but predominantly lefty everything else. This drove camp riflery and archery instructors crazy growing up. I'd sight-up with my left eye, but want to shoot/draw back with my right hand. (And I'd hit dead center.) Also, I love all things organization (like, to ocd levels of labeling and symmetry). But, I can't manage to stay organized. I took the GRE cold turkey my last semester in college. According to the results, I can't speak English or do basic math, but I can logically analyze the heck out of anything. I'm extremely good at logic puzzles, but I was terrible at math growing up. I'm an avid musician, and I love to create things. I'd love to figure this out someday. Any insight is welcome!

- I have half of my thyroid gland. The other half was taken out my last semester in college, along with a tumor that was growing on it. What a huge part of my testimony this is; someday, I'll blog about it.

- Although currently having three kids is kicking my butt, I'd love three more. My husband (and just about everyone else) thinks I'm nuts. In fact, my mother will probably keel over when she reads that. Or she'll call me and tell me I'd better not. Or both.

- I love to learn. I'll probably be one of those crazy 90-year-olds who audits dozens of college courses just to soak up all there is to know.
- I was born and raised in Texas. Yeee-haw.

- Someday, I'd love to worship with people in Africa, write a book, and record a CD. Those are totally unrelated; although, I guess they could be related.

- I'm extremely hard on myself. Call it perfectionism, over-achiever syndrome, whatever. I'm slowly recovering. Having kids has helped tremendously. :)

- I wrote an undergraduate thesis on Holocaust Education in college. 

- I've been skydiving. Twice.

- In college, I was elected the student representative for Golden Key International Honour Society, representing thousands of students around the world. Seemed like a really big deal at the time, not so much now. But it was a valuable experience, and God used it in a big way for His glory. Oh, and that's how I met my husband. Minor details.

- I had my third son naturally. As in, without pain medication. This was a big, big deal for me. You can read about his birth here.

Well whaddya know? There's twelve facts for you. (See? There's that overachiever...)

And my nominees (in no particular order):

Carrie at Stephens Country
Laura at Jason and Laura
Carrie at *Mended Flowers* 
Ashley at ~A Fresh Spring Breeze~
Natalie at From Strength to Strength
Diane at All Shall Be Well. Really.

Keep up the beautiful blogging, ladies!
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