Happy Camper

In July, we're going camping. In tents. I am SO EXCITED!!! Sure, we're going as part of an enormously long road trip with a caravan of teenagers, but actually, I'm excited about that, too.

So last Saturday, while we were working on this, we got out a small tent for the boys to play in, kinda like a trial run. We of course won't be taking this tent, as it's too small and they won't be camping in their own tent. (Although, I guess maybe they could camp in this tent inside of our tent, but we'll have to think about that one...)

Anyway, when the older boys moved on to something else, we gave their little brother a turn.

I have to say, he was pretty stinkin' adorable sitting up in that tiny little tent all by himself.

At first, he wasn't sure what this camping thing was all about. But as I danced around taking pictures of him, he started to ham it up a little bit.

I think we're good to go come July. This kid is one happy camper.

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