One Thousand Gifts

You can read about my decision to begin to count my blessings, at least intentionally and purposefully, here. And by all means, please join in the fun! Leave a comment about the gifts, however large or small, you have received this week.

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I am grateful...

56. for all three children sleeping at once, however short it lasts.

57. for road trips to Texas, and all of the memories we made along the way!

58. for friendships that continue to endure despite the miles that separate.

59. for Becki and Mark, who opened their home to us on the way to TX. They had dinner waiting when we arrived, rounded up toys and books from friends to entertain the boys, and just showered us all with love while we were there. What amazing people. I continue to be blessed by their friendship.
60. for six years of marriage!!

61. for Jude's testimony and his willingness to share it again and again. It doesn't matter how many times I hear it, I am amazed every time at God's redeeming love for us. 

62. for Jesus. Where would I be without my Saviour?

63. for my beautiful mother. I can't even begin to describe all she has taught me about self-sacrifice and mothering. Her expertise in early childhood has been indispensable as I've raised our boys. We don't get to spend enough time with her. The boys sure do love their "Omie!"

64. for the Salt Lick barbecue joint outside of Austin, TX. Seriously, folks. Best. Barbecue. Ever. (Except for maybe my dad's brisket. That stuff is seriously the best I've ever tasted.)

65. And while I'm at it, I'm grateful for for real barbecue. TEXAS barbecue. Oh, how I miss it.
66. lunch dates at J&L with my Paw Paw and Nana when we visit San Marcos. Can't beat cheap, authentic Mexican food. 

67. for getting to know my cousin Andrea better. I've loved our little chats and chances to spend more time with her than I ever have before. And, I know my family loves having her nearby @ Texas State and getting to know her better, too. Love you, Drib!

68. for Kyler planning our trip back from Texas so that I could see New River Gorge and the bridge. Amazing. I still think Bridge Day is completely insane. And cool. I'll stick to jumping out of planes, not off of bridges though, thanksverymuch.

69. for running around underneath the St. Louis Arch with all of my boys. And, for seeing a gorgeous full moon rising beneath the arch. And, for people putting up with my love of trying to take a ga-jillion artsy pictures and posting them on facebook.

70. for the chance to see my cousin Rach and her family, and friends Ryan and Brittany on our trip back home.

71. for Texas bluebonnets. They were absolutely gorgeous this year.
72. for finding a perfect little spot with bluebonnets and cactus to have a little family photo shoot.

73. for Callan not eating the bluebonnet that Kyler picked (gasp!) and gave him to hold during said photo shoot.

73. for lunch with Ginger and catching up after about a decade. Have I mentioned how much I love enduring friendships?

74. for Morgan's Grove Park. I love walking there.

75. for my in-laws backyard and beautiful spring days!

76. for kids who are too young to care whether their Easter egg hunt is on Easter, or on the day after Easter.


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