32 Days

It's a funny thing, time. How, in the wee hours of the night when all Callan will do is cry, (and all I can do is rock him and cry right along with him), time seems to absolutely  c r a w l  at a snail's pace. And then days pass, I blink once or twice, and he's one month old already. Where did the time go?

As he did in the womb and at his birth, Callan continues to challenge the norm and defy expectations. He's still having a difficult time sleeping at night, and during his waking hours is generally only happy snuggled up against Mom. Seriously, Daddy isn't a satisfactory substitute for Mommy's arms. He's a tried-and-true "Momma's Boy." To say this has made for a challenging month would be an understatement, particularly with the other boys to care for. He has definitely been our toughest yet. But....makes for an active prayer life and plenty of opportunities to practice what we preach!   

Our littlest man's been making lots of gains in the growth department, too. He now weighs 10lbs. 5oz. and is roughly 22in. long. All of his stats fall into the 50th percentile, something we've never experienced before! At one month old, he is just an inch shy of Kayden's length when he was born! And he weighs what Cameron did at roughly ten days old. I must say though, I am really enjoying how small and snuggly he is by comparison. Again, just proving he is different from his brothers. I have a feeling that tendency will continue. :)

And how could I resist including some pictures?

Big yAWn!

cheeks and dimples!

With Auntie Abbie last weekend

not too thrilled about hangin' with Cam

Can I get a witness?

"Shhh, baby..."

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