Ohhhh, YES.
You will be seeing this again on Monday. It's definitely an incident of the "Not Me!" variety.  I posted a pic in my "Sneak Peek" post, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was worthy of its very own post. I'm sure you'll agree. Enjoy!

Hey Cam! What'cha got there?

Oh! Is that Mommy's makeup brush?
Hmmm..what'cha do with that?

Of course.
You use it to paint foundation all over your feet.

Oooh, gorgeous.
Nicely done, kiddo. 


Ummm...and what's that in your hair?
Oh, it's mascara?
Waterproof mascara?

Oh, okay, no problem then. Just checking.


My makeup was needing a makeover anyway. 


And I thought only daughters got into their Mommy's makeup...

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