Ready or Not

We've got the Lysol disinfectant.

Just bought more hand soap and anti-bacterial gel.

There are Clorox wipes in the closet upstairs.

Been using OxiClean for tough laundry stains and love it.

There's vinegar too, if I want a more natural neutralizer.

The timer is in the kitchen, ready to go.

Carpet cleaner is on the laundry room shelf...enough for now, at least.

Thanks to our wholesale club, we've got 16+ rolls of paper towels.

And blue disposable rubber gloves. We'll need lots of those.

Wish I had them then.

Waterproof pads are washed and folded in the nursery.

Pull-Ups in the closet, Gerber training pants locked and loaded. 

Well, I guess they're UN-loaded. I like them that way.

Deep breaths taken, extra patience prayed for.

You guessed it, Cam's potty training starts tomorrow. 

Ready or not, here we go again...

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