The Darnedest Things

I know the phrase is over-used, but really, kids do say (and do) the darnedest things. For example, in our house...

Kayden says "BA-licious!!!" instead of "delicious." He can say "delicious" perfectly, he just thinks the other is more fun (and apparently, it conveys the sentiment more effectively. Go figure.)  

After drinking watered-down V8 juice (yeah, you read that correctly. Blame their dad. Even I'm not that mean...) Kayden made a sour face (who wouldn't?!) and said, "Umm, Daddy....there's something IN this..."

The boys and I have watched the animated Disney flick "The Emperor's New Groove" a few times in the past several weeks. The part where Llama Cusco is chased by jaguars apparently left an impression on Kayden. He incorporates similar scenarios into his pretend play at home and on the playground at the park. Except, he doesn't believe the animals are jaguars. Instead, he shouts after me, "Watch out, Mommy!! The dragwaters are chasing you!!!"

For some reason, Kayden pretends that his Dad's pants are jelly. We're clueless about this one.

Lately, the boys are really getting a kick out of their new made-up game. Basically, they begin running shuttle runs back and forth across the living room, picking up piles of "bugs" and pretending to shove them in their mouths and eat them at each end. I'm still trying to figure out how this lines up with Cam's recent phobia of everything buggy...

And finally (for now, anyway)...

The other day I overheard Kayden talking with a pile of stuffed animals in the living room. Among them was a giant (three-foot) Elmo. Spontaneously, (Well, I thought it was spontaneous. I suppose it made perfect sense to him...) he leaned over, pulled open and whispered into Elmo's mouth: "Helloooo? Your Highness? Can you hear me?"


So...what sorts of things do you hear in your house?

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