My Husband's Pants

So I walked into our master bathroom the other morning and found this note sitting on the counter:


And...if he doesn't know you have his pants, what exactly is he wearing?

Nice thing for me, I had a fairly good idea where this note came from, otherwise it could have been a little interesting. Especially considering that the handwriting belongs to our middle school ministry coordinator, who also happens to be our lead pastor's wife. Hmmm...isn't that how rumors get started?


Actually, having been in youth ministry, antics like stealing someone's pants doesn't sound all that out of the ordinary. The note was pinned to an extra pair of pants Kyler took to the Student Life teen conference this summer. It was one of a large number of colorful sticky notes, all bearing words to describe him as a youth pastor.  The pants were stolen as part of our teens' bid to get Kyler chosen as the "youth pastor of the day" at camp.

Pretty cool.

Some of the notes described him thus:



 And there were many others which read things like:


people person



maximum awesomeness



He's had a huge Christian influence on my life. Plus...he's funny!


An amazing Christian man who influences my Christian life


I couldn't agree more.

He is all of those things.

And for my husband: Believe them, baby.  

You are making a difference!

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