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I love comments. I guess I just love hearing from you and knowing that you are reading. It's fun to hear that similar crazy things are happening in your house, and to read your responses to my posts about faith, family and "growing up." I do keep this blog for me, for the boys, and for our family; I guess it's my alternative to scrapbooking. But admittedly, I enjoy the affirmation and community that comments bring to the blog. Which is why I am excited that I have a brand new commenting system!

I know I've got some friends and family members who like to read, but have no clue what they're doing when it comes to commenting. For them, and also for those of you who would like to comment but aren't sure how, I've put together a little tutorial.

For those of you who do know what you're doing, there are some pretty cool features with this new system that allow you to connect your comments to your Facebook page, Twitter, or Yahoo. Sweet! You can also subscribe to the comments for a particular post. We'll get to all of that later.

Here we go:

At the bottom of some posts, depending on how you got there, the comment box will already be open. If it isn't, there will be a link that says "## Comments" or "View Comments" - something like that.

Once you click the link (or if it's already open), the comment box will look like this:


Just type your comment in the box. Then, fill in whatever name you want to appear with your comment and type in an e-mail address. If you have a blog address or website you want to appear with your name and comment, type that in too.

If you want to comment using your Facebook, Twitter, or Yahoo profile and pic, just click on that link and it will walk you through that process. You can also create a "Disqus" commenting profile if you wish (which is pretty cool - it will allow you to view every comment you make in one place if you want to go back and see them later.)

When you're finished with your comment, just click the "Post" below the commenting box.


When you refresh the page, your comment will appear below the original post. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! :)

The other cool feature I like about this commenting system is the ability to "reply" to or "like" comments made by other folks. If you reply to another comment, it will automatically "thread" the comments so they read together. Neat-o!


If you'd like, you can subscribe to all of the comments for one particular blog post by clicking this link. If for some reason, you are receiving unwanted e-mails related to a post, you can unsubscribe at the other link.

That's it! You've got all of the info you need to comment 'til your heart's content! And I can't wait to hear from you! :)

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