"Not Me!" Monday

Wishing you had an outlet that would help make your crazy life seem a tad bit normal? Wishing you hadn't had a total emotional meltdown this week over something ridiculous? Embarrassed that you only mopped the floor recently because you dropped a massive bottle of bubbles in the kitchen? Looking for a place to vent your frustration at your toddler's propensity for urinating on every blessed thing in sight? Look no further! "Not Me!" Monday was written just for you. It frees me up to admit my many imperfections, and vent about the absolutely ridiculous things that are my everyday. Enjoy at my expense, and join in the fun by commenting below!


I finally had a postpartum OB appointment this week, after having Callan nearly twelve weeks ago. It wasn't me who put it off and procrastinated so long. And since I'm nursing exclusively, I eat healthy foods 100% of the time. Which is why (even though I had to take the babe along and was running late) I made myself a healthy and nutritious breakfast. I did not just chow on a huge stash of animal crackers I keep in the car for my children. Not me!

It was not me who opened the washer this week to discover that, along with an enormous load of kids' clothing, I'd also thrown in and washed a Pull-Up. It did not absolutely cover everything in tiny, water-absorbing balls of goo. And when I found it, I certainly didn't ponder whether it was clean or dirty when I put it in the wash. Oh well, guess it's clean now! Errr....sort of. Too bad the clothes aren't....

We spent the weekend at an awesome leadership retreat that my husband put together for some of the adult volunteers in our teen ministry. My incredible mother-in-law watched our two older boys, and we took Callan along with us. It was challenging, trying to fully participate while bouncing, feeding, and entertaining a fussy baby. And I'm exhausted, like, all the time now. But the sessions were great, and my husband was leading them. So when a friend offered to take Callan for awhile, it wasn't me who totally took advantage of her, ignored my husband, ducked into a nearby bedroom in the suite where we were meeting, crawled into bed, and took a nap. Nope. Not me!

On the way home from the leadership retreat, Callan wasn't too interested in eating, so I had to pump. My dad called while we were in the car, and spoke with my husband for awhile before asking to talk to me. After skirting around why I couldn't talk and still being pressed for info, I told my Dad via speaker phone that I was otherwise engaged with a breast pump at the moment. I then did not hear my dear father holler (that's Texan for "shout," loudly) up the stairs at my mother, "Do you want to talk to Heather?! She's pumping!" And he certainly didn't then get back on the phone and say, "Call your Mom later. We have company."


Not me!


"Not Me!" Monday is an incredibly fun, blogging carnival started by MckMama. In a nutshell, it's where we all can be open about the ridiculous things that happen in our lives. Join in the "Not Me!" fun and leave a comment about all of the things you didn't do this week!

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