Unexpected Trip

Later this afternoon, Callan and I are departing on a trip that was unexpected. My great uncle "Buh" died, and we'll be traveling down to Texas to attend his funeral. Thankfully, my dad has an extra "award" airline ticket, and I am able to join my family members for his memorial service tomorrow. Callan gets to go because, well, I don't think he'd be too happy about his milk supply hopping on a plane without him.

I'm sad for the occasion, but am looking forward to seeing family members that I haven't had the opportunity to see for several years in some cases. Isn't that how it always works? Weddings and funerals bring us all together. This also means my dad will get to meet his newest grandson sooner than expected (Christmas).

If you are led, please pray for travel safety for the two of us, and the rest of my family members. I'm also a bit nervous about taking my two-month-old on a plane during this nasty flu season. And, my traveling means I will not be available to lead worship at church this weekend, which will inconvenience our worship pastor and a few other team members. I'll be praying everything goes smoothly as they try and work out substitutes for the portions of the service for which I was responsible.

Uncle Buh was a special person in my life, particularly while I was growing up and spent a lot of time with his family and grandchildren. I'm hoping to post a little tribute to him later next week. I'm staying a few extra days in Texas, but hope to have an opportunity to blog again before we return on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!

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