We held our annual college ministry Thanksgiving dinner last night.

Fun times!

This is probably my favorite event of the year. I love the way so many folks pitch in to help, and sharing a meal with 40 people at one ridiculously long table is just not something I experienced growing up. I love it, and that's saying a lot coming from an introvert who is generally not energized by crowds.

Enjoy the pics!






I love how long this table is. It's at Kyler's parents' house. They are gracious enough to host and help with this event every year.

There's just something to be said for all sitting together at one table. A space long/large enough to host this kind of dinner is among our top priorities as we've searched on and off for a house that will better accommodate our growing family (and be close to the college for ministry, and be in our meager price range, and have at least some yard for the boys to run around in...)


I love the fellowship at this Thanksgiving table!


Joel's turkey "barbarian" pics have become somewhat of a Common Ground tradition. Crazy kid.



I can't wait 'til next year!

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